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Thunder Megazord (MMPR:FE)

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Move List

Lunge -- f + X

Two-hit Uppercut -- d + X

Fireball -- d, df, f + Y/X

Uppercut Barrage -- f, d, df + X

Rising Uppercut -- f, d, df + Y

Thunder Saber Combo -- d, db, b + B/A

Dive Kick (hits downed opponents) -- d + any two buttons

Super Move - Thunder Crush -- d, df, f, d, df, f + Y/X



While dashing Y + Y + Thunder Saber Combo

While dashing Y + Y + Two-hit Uppercut + f + Dive Kick

While jumping A + Y + Y + (d + B) + Thunder Crush

Basic Strategies

The Thunder Megazord resembles your traditional Ryu/Ken in that it has projectiles and rising attacks. The Thunder Saber Combo is also a resemblance. Thus, this is a perfect candidate for the beginner, seeing how it can keep up with its speed but its reach is a little short (note that the collision detection in this game is horribly coded). Be relentless and keep pushing your opponent, Rising Uppercut if the enemy jumps a lot (Goldar, Lipsyncher and Ninja Megazord) or else Thunder Saber Combo is your friend. Also of note is that Rising Uppercut has the highest priority of any special move in the game.

Advanced Strategies