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Throw Break

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Guilty Gear XX Accent Core

Throw Break - 4 or 6 + HS:

There are 2 versions of throw breaks. The first one occurs when your opponent presses his throw at the EXACT same time as you. This causes a purple graphic to appear and you both back off on even recovery. The second one is if your opponent presses throw within about 2 frames of you throwing them. This causes another purple graphic to appear, but this time the throw animation will start, but they take no damage and they will back off in a less favorable way. It depends on the character's throw(like in Johnny's case, they get tossed in the air a little away from him but take no damage)

Command throws cannot be broken.

You can break air throws just like ground throws.

Overall, this is a good addition. But with good players you can pretty much kiss situations where they were forced to be thrown goodbye. IE if someone does a bad air to ground string that you perfect block and you know they'll throw you, you're not going to get a free throw anymore. That's where the situation is bad. Other things like if Axl does 6HS and it gets perfect blocked in the air, no longer will the opponent get a free throw. As long as the offensive player is paying attention to whether the opponent is going to get a free throw or not, he will be safe from situations where he normally would not recover in time. IMO this should be taken out. If the opponent has not recovered they should not be able to throw break.