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Welcome To Hell

Thrill Kill is an unreleased 4-player simultaneous fighting game developed for the PlayStation by Paradox Development. On track to be the first game to receive an AO rating from the ESRB, the game was canceled weeks from release by Electronic Arts following their purchase of Virgin Interactive. Various versions of the game were eventually leaked online, allowing people to download it and try out themselves.

 Most coverage of Thrill Kill focuses on the game's odd development history and its cancellation, and there isn't a lot of information available online about the game outside of documenting its surface mechanics and the secret Thrill Kill (read: fatality) inputs. This wiki will attempt to remedy that by documenting the game's mechanics, character statistics, move frame data, and combo strings in detail.

Thrill Kill has four attack buttons, a block button, a duck button, a high and low counter for parries and combo breakers, and right side shoulder buttons that aren't bound to anything but still have their uses.

 Instead of having a health bar, each player has a bloodlust meter which increases when damage is dealt. When this meter gets to 100, that player either wins the round (in a 1v1), or they can then grab any opponent in a free-for-all and instantly kill them - removing them from the round. This doesn't really change the dynamics of a 1v1 battle, but in a free-for-all it punishes players for sitting back and playing defensive.

Buttons on the whole are pretty minus (even on hit!), so the meta revolves around how each character's combo strings can get around an opponent's block, as well as optimizing damage off of counter hits using "safe" strings your opponent doesn't have an opportunity to combo break.

 It's recommended that you start your journey here by visiting the Controls and Notation, System, and FAQ pages before venturing to one of character pages.

This wiki is brand new, which means there's a lot of work to be done!
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100%.gif - Fill out each character's combo string page.
00%.gif - Upload video examples of each character's Practical and Max Damage combos.

- Continue to gather information from the game.
- Populate the character pages with information from TG's Google doc.
- Netplay the game and gather firsthand matchup information.

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