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Training Mode Tricks

Unlocking Billy Kane

To unlock Billy, play through Arcade Mode while avoiding completing Target Actions. Billy should challenge the player around the fourth match in, and upon beating him he becomes playable.

Unlocking Saiki

Play through Arcade Mode while performing many Target Actions (the command achievements that reward the player with meter upon completing specific tasks). The exact number required is unknown, though Saiki should challenge the player around the fourth stage.

Also, it doesn't seem possible to be challenged by both Billy and Saiki in one playthrough, so try focusing on one's requirements while avoiding the other's.

Selecting EX Characters

After downloading an additional alternate character like Iori with the Power of Flames, highlight the normal version of said character and press the Select/Back button to change their portrait into their EX form.

Changing Background Music

In the Options Menu, select the Sound menu and change the game music type between "A" and "B". Side "A" is the KOF XIII soundtrack while Side "B" is a mix of themes from older KOF games, but namely KOF XI.

Training Mode

Pausing the game brings up a menu with two pages where the player can set the enemy's status and manipulate meters. The term 'passive move' refers to teching a soft knockdown.

Programming the Computer

First, go to the button configuration menu and bind both the record (circle icon) and play (triangle icon) to active buttons. In order to start recording, the training dummy must be set to 'Standing'. Once this is accomplished, the player can press the record button and manipulate the dummy character for ten seconds. Once time expires or the player opens the training menu the recording will be saved and become replayable by hitting the replay button.

This is a great option for testing punishes and setups.

Testing Frame Advantage

There's an easy way to see how negative or positive a move is: set the opponent to 'standing' and 'all guard' and cycle through the 'select' option and choose 'jump'. This makes it so that the dummy continually jumps while holding the select button. Now attack with the desired move and then hold down select once the dummy blocks and then hold up to make the active character jump as well. By observing the difference in jump heights, the frame advantage becomes observable.

  • So if the dummy can jump high into the air before one's active character, then said tested move is highly unsafe if blocked. Should the active character jump before or at about the same time, then a move is likely to be safe on block.