The King of Fighters XIII/Systems/Meter Attacks: Super Cancels

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Super Cancels

Super Cancels (SC) serve as a way to cancel a Special Move into a Desperation Move. To perform a Super Cancel, input the motion for the DM you wish to cancel into at the correct timing. Similar to Drive Cancels, each Super Cancel consumes 50% of a player's Hyper Drive Meter.

  • Any move that can be Drive Canceled can also be Super Canceled.
  • Unlike Drive Cancels, Super Cancels can be performed on hit or block.
  • Many projectile attacks are Super Cancelable. This works a bit differently than with other types of specials. Instead of canceling the special as it connects with the opponent, projectiles are Super Canceled just as the projectile appears.
  • Many normals and command normals are super-cancelable. However, KOF XIII does not classify these cancels as SC's, so they do not consume Hyper Drive Meter.