The King of Fighters XIII/Systems/Defensive Actions: Guard Cancel Blowback

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Guard Cancel Blowback

At the expense of one Super Meter stock, a player can choose to perform a Guard Cancel Blowback attack by pressing Snkc.gif + Snkd.gif while in blockstun. This is commonly referred to as a 'GCCD' (Guard Cancel CD attack) and will cancel the player's blockstun to perform a faster version of the character's Standing CD attack for only 10 damage. This will quickly get someone pressuring you off your back.

Strategy Corner

It can be quite difficult to punish Guard Cancel Blowbacks for the attacker, but it is in fact possible.

  • If you expect your attack to be countered with a Guard Cancel Blowback, you can Cancel.png this attack into a special move with plenty of invincibility or Autoguard.png and it will go straight through the Guard Cancel Blowback attempt.
    • Some specials and command normals are stronger and safer options against Guard Cancel Blowback attacks than committing to doing a blockstring into an invincible and often unsafe move. As one example, Ryo can Cancel.png a normal attack into Joudannuke (F.gif + Snkb.gif) to parry the counterattack while other characters can Cancel.png into Counter.png moves to punish the blowback attack.
  • It's also possible to beat a GCCD with safe-jump or a very late jump-in. The attacking player can jump in with an aerial attack and have enough time to land and block the Guard Cancel Blowback attack.
  • Players like to hit-confirm blockstun before attempting to use a GCCD, as pressing Snkc.gif + Snkd.gif when at neutral will cause a character to start using their slow standing Blowback Attack which can easily be beaten during the lengthy startup. If the opponent is looking for an attack to block and thus counter, the easiest solution is to Throw.png the opponent. This is rather easy to set up from an empty hop, especially if the opponent is expecting a jumping attack to counter.