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Target Combos

Certain characters have Target Combos: an option that allows a specific normal attack to chain cancel into another normal attack. Street Fighter players may already be familiar with Ken or Ibuki's quick Target Combos, and the same principles apply to KOF.

  • Terry has one of the most effective Target Combos in the game with his newly-added cr.A > cr.C series that can be started from a low cr.B. This Target Combo is very useful because the player can cancel the combo into Specials or Desperation Moves, which gives Terry a powerful and easy hit-confirm.
  • Characters like Mai and Vice have two-hit Target Combos that are easy to perform, but neither combo from low attacks nor cancel into Specials or DMs. These tools aren't effective for standard hit-confirms and combos, but the player can cancel any Target Combo into Hyperdrive Mode to turn out big damage. In Mai's case, the player can hit-confirm st.B xx st.D into an HD combo, which supplements Mai's general lack of hit-confirming options.