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In Depth Game System Guide

This section of the Hyper Guide will tell you just about how everything in The King of Fighters XIII works. Just about every technical aspect of just about the system will be described in this half of the Guide. So take a look, and learn how The King of Fighters XIII works from the insides.

Character States

There are so many techniques that characters can use in the game and so many rules and restrictions as to when these techniques are possible. That is why it will be very important to understand the concept of Character States in The King of Fighters XIII in order to understand why some techniques are and aren't possible and when.

Character Abilities

This section will cover all the various techniques and abilities that are available to the characters in The King of Fighters XIII ranging from your most basic of abilities such as Walking, Blocking and Throwing to the more advanced abilities like Drive Cancels and Hyperdrive Mode.



Basic Attacks

Meter Attacks

Input Interpreter