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System Mechanics Videos

Drive Cancels and Hyper Drive Mode

YamiBikutoru's tutorial provides a visual walkthrough of Drive Cancels, Super Cancels, and the key aspects of Hyper Drive Mode. Most KOF XIII's new meter-based systems are exposed in layman's terms.

Training Tips and Guard Canceling

Part I of Dandy J's new tutorial series covers tricks for studying the game in training mode and goes into guard cancel roll and blowback strategies.

Running and Backdashing Mechanics

Volume II shows off buffering techniques that make backdashing and running more effective.

HD Mode Tricks

Volume III shows off different ways to activate and buffer HD Mode.

Corner Cross-ups

Volume IV of EXMrDandyJ's tutorial videos covers the specifics of setting up cross-ups in the corner, as mentioned on the strategy page.

Applying Close Range Pressure in KOF

A tutorial video designed to teach players how to utilize movement options in KOF in order to create pressure and also teach the weaknesses, strengths, and counters to these fundamental actions.

Alternate Guarding

Laban's second tutorial covers the uses of Alternate Guarding in KOF to avoid command grabs and ways to 'break' through to punish a player for using the technique.

Concise List