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Ryo Sakazaki

KOFXIII-Ryo Face.png

In a nutshell

Art of Fighting protagonist, KOF regular, and the original Ryu clone that caused Capcom to create Dan in parody. Ryo has a moveset that should be somewhat familiar to a 'shoto' player, though Ryo cannot play a full zoning game but makes up for it with his close-range tools. Ryo has a strong set of fundamental normals with plenty of hard-hitting, cancelable pokes that beef up his grounded game. Although an executionally simple character, Ryo can deal solid damage with meter while controling both the neutral and close ranges. As such, Ryo makes for a viable character for any level of play.

Ryo is a shoto-like character. He has a fireball but it does not travel from his hand. His uppercuts are good but a little slow. His normals, save for a few, are outclassed by other characters better normals. However he still has great tools. Parries cancel strings for gimmicks/mixups and cut recovery on his normals like cr.D. His A Ko'ouken is fantastic leaving you at neutral. Both fireballs have big hitboxes that cover a good portion of the screen. Parries work on every move in the game and some moves can be parried high or low. Parries are special cancelable when they parry something. Cr.D has a long range and is cancelable into specials or parry to cut recovery. He builds meter well but relies on meter for higher damage. He is a great defensive character with strong offensive pressure with lp Ko'ouken and long cancelable normals like st.D. Jump CD works really similar to Kyo's j.CD.

Video Walkthrough

Long, very in depth tutorial covering basics.

Good tutorial that covers all moves.

Move List

Normal Moves

Special Properties (glossary)
Standing Light Punch
Chaincancel.png cancel
Standing Light Kick
Standing Heavy Punch
Close Heavy Punch
Standing Heavy Kick
Crouching Light Punch
D.png + Kof.lp.png
Chaincancel.png cancel
Crouching Light Kick
D.png +
Low.png chaincancel
Crouching Heavy Punch
D.png + Kof.sp.png
1st hitbox: cancel
Crouching Heavy Kick
D.png +
Low.png Softknockdown.png cancel
Blowback Attack
Kof.sp.png +
Softknockdown.png cancel
Jumping Light Punch
air Kof.lp.png
Jump: 45
Hop: 40
Jumping Light Kick
Jump: 45
Hop: 40
Jumping Heavy Punch
air Kof.sp.png
Jump: 72
Hop: 40
Jumping Heavy Kick
Jump: 70
Hop: 68
Jumping Blowback Attack
air Kof.sp.png +
Jump: 90
Hop: 80

Unique Attacks

Special Properties (glossary)
F.png + Kof.lp.png
High.png supercancel
Hyouchuuwari (canceled-into)
F.png + Kof.lp.png
F.png +
Autoguard.png specialcancel
Df.png +
Autoguard.png specialcancel


Special Properties (glossary)
Tomoe Nage
F.png or B.png + Kof.sp.png or (while close)
Throw.png hardknockdown

Special Moves

Special Properties (glossary)
Qcf.png + P.png
Kof.lp.png : 55
Kof.sp.png : 70
Ex.png : 120
Softknockdown.png supercancel
Dp.png + P.png
Kof.lp.png : 65
Kof.lp.png (furthest distance): 35
Kof.sp.png : 75+50
Ex.png : 160
Ex.png (furthest distance): 100
Softknockdown.png drivecancel
Hien Shippuukyaku
Hcb.png + K.png : 40+50 : 40+50+60
Ex.png 80×2
F.png B.png F.png + P.png
Kof.lp.png : 0+12×11+80
Kof.sp.png : 0+12×11+50
Ex.png : 0+15×19+90
Kof.lp.png : Hardknockdown.png
Kof.sp.png : Softknockdown.png Drivecancel.png Corner: no need to Drivecancel.png for juggle
Ex.png : Softknockdown.png juggle

Desperation Moves

Special Properties (glossary)
Ryuuko Ranbu
Qcf.png Hcb.png + P.png
P.png : 0+5×2+10×4+5+10×2+5 +10+5+115
Ex.png : 0+10×2+15×2+10+15×4 +10+15×4+10+15×4+30+40+100
P.png : Softknockdown.png
Ex.png : Startupinv.png hardknockdown
Haou Shokouken
F.png Hcf.png + P
Softknockdown.png Snka.gif Travels slowly opponent has to roll through late or jump early. Snkc.gif Travels very fast, possible to roll through early, but catches people jumping a lot. Both versions eat a lot of projectiles.
Shin: Tenchihahouken
Qcf.png qcf + Kof.lp.png + Kof.sp.png
Hardknockdown.png Guard Crush on block for most characters, very punishable however.

Console Changes

  • Ryo's parries, Joudannuke (f+B) and Gedannuke (df+B), are faster (shorter overall animation). Gedannuke in particular is very fast and it can even be used for strings (by canceling normals).
  • Ryo moves forward more when doing his Ko'ouken (qcf+P).
  • Heavy Zanretsuken (f b f+P) has faster recovery on hit. It can be comboed to a light Zanretsuken (f b f+A) in the corner.
  • Standalone Hyouchuuwari (f+A) has faster startup.
  • Light Koho's (dp+A) rises faster and has reduced active frames. As a result, the complete duration of the move is shorter, so it can be used for more occasions.
  • Light Koho (dp+A) can be Drive-canceled, which allows for juggling.
  • Haou Shokouken (f hcf+P) has faster startup. It can be comboed from a heavy attack or even be used to counter projectiles.


Move Analysis

Normal Moves

  • Standing Light Punch (Snka.gif) - High straight punch at Ryo's shoulder level. Standard anti-air against eising hops and reasonable poke in some instances.
    • Unlike in previous games, Ryo's Standing Snka.gif will whiff against most crouching characters. This makes the move less important as part of Ryo's offense, but Standing Snkb.gif can serve the same purpose as his old Standing Snka.gif. This attack will, however, connect against crouching opponents inside of a combo.
  • Standing Light Kick (Snkb.gif) - Ryo performs a forward straight kick that can be canceled. The startup time is just a bit longer than Standing Snka.gif though the range is superior and the lower hitbox will always connect against crouching characters. A nice poke for when up close to the opponent and cancels nicely into Ko'ouken (Qcf.gif + Punch.gif) for a frametrap.
    • Take care when attempting to walk forward and use this move as Joudannuke (F.gif + Snkb.gif) is easily activated from the F.gif input. Avoid this by moving to a neutral position before pressing Snkb.gif.
  • Standing Heavy Punch (Snkc.gif) - A buffed Standing Snka.gif straight punch. Functions as an anti-air choice against low-to-ground opponents if the player tips the opponent with Ryo's fist, or as a preventive anti-air as part of a blockstring. Similarly to Standing Snka.gif this attack whiffs on the majority of crouching characters but on block or hit cancels into special moves.
    • Risky to whiff and is quite vulnerable to low attacks but will combo into/form a solid blockstring into Ko'ouken (Qcf.gif + Punch.gif).
  • Close Heavy Punch (Close Snkc.gif) - Short-ranged body blow. Standard 'Close Heavy Normal' that cancels into command normals or specials, with heavy hitstun. Slightly faster than Standing Snkd.gif and sometimes nice to leave uncanceled, then attempt to attack with a Light Normal immediately after recovering.
  • Standing Heavy Kick (Snkd.gif) - A wicked kick to the shin that's always cancelable, but does not hit low. This was previously Ryo's Close Heavy Kick only now it can be done without a close proximity restriction. One of Ryo's best pokes with a great hitbox for stuffing attacks or canceling into Ko'ouken (Qcf.gif + Punch.gif). Leaves the player with the initiative on block if uncanceled. Great for starting a combo or an offense, but mind that the opponent can hop over Ryo's leg and land a jumping attack. Minimize this risk by gaining the offensive or frame advantage before using Standing Snkd.gif, or by forcing the opponent to play a more grounded game by anti-airing often.
  • Crouching Light Punch (Down.gif + Snka.gif) - Basic KOF Crouching Snka.gif. Shorter ranged than Crouching Snkb.gif though more advantageous on block. The primary use of Crouching Snka.gif comes in to play as part of Ryo's basic hitconfirms since this attack can be canceled into special moves.
    • Both Couching and Standing Snka.gif can be used in combos for 2-in-1s, though Crouching Snka.gif is a safer option as it will connect against a crouching opponent. Both moves have the same reach, though it may be easier to use Standing Snka.gif to cancel into Hien Shippuukyaku (Qcb.gif + Kick.gif).
  • Crouching Light Kick (Down.gif + Snkb.gif) - Fast low kick that can be chained into itself. Ryo's main low threat that is delay chainable into Standing/Crouching Snka.gif and links into Crouching Snkc.gif. Has a decent reach andworks as a strong tripguard meaty option since it leads into a combo.
    • The biggest issue with this attack is learning to avoid triggering Gedannuke (Downright.gif + Snkb.gif) when walking or running forward to pressure the opponent with lows. When walking forward, shift immediately from F.gif to Down.gif + Snkb.gif without touching Downright.gif. When running into a Crouching Snkb.gif let go of F.gif/Downright.gif and go directly into Down.gif + Snkb.gif. Most other characters can get away with sliding from F.gif to Downright.gif + Snkb.gif but Ryo players need to take the extra step to avoid using an unwanted command normal.
  • Crouching Heavy Punch (Down.gif + Snkc.gif) - Ryo's crouching uppercut which causes him to stand. There are two hitboxes on this move; the first and lower hitbox when Rho's still crouching and then the second hitbox when he stands. The initial hitbox is cancelable and fits in to Ryo's close offensive game. The later hitbox is more for anti-airing.
    • Strong anti-air normal against jumps, while hops can be beaten if done on reaction quickly enough.
    • There's a deceptive horizontal range on this move that sets up for strong frametraps. The Crouching Snkb.gif, Crouching Snkc.gif link is a built-in frametrap should the opponent block or should the player miss the timing. The Crouching Snkc.gif would remain uninterruptable to all but reversals. A great move to cancel into Ko'ouken (Qcf.gif + Punch.gif) to form a blockstring and maintain frame advantage while giving enough time to easily confirm a hit in the corner which allows the player to tack on an extra hit.
  • Crouching Heavy Kick (Down.gif + Snkd.gif) - Ryo's sweep actually has a good range to it in XIII. Crouching Snkd.gif is Ryo's furthest-reaching grounded normal in his arsenal, and the player can cancel it on block or hit. The player could use the attack to meaty a poor anti-air, end a blockstring with it to counter an opponent's attack, or use the range to punish a whiffed normal. Another choice for canceling into Ko'ouken (Qcf.gif + Punch.gif), but like all sweeps in KOF it remains very vulnerable to hops.
  • Blowback Attack (Snkc.gif + Snkd.gif) - Ryo shifts his weight forward and attacks with a powerful hook. The hitbox on this attack is wide so a player can find instances to use this attack as an anti-air or set it up as a frametrap to land a counterhit. Whiff and Special cancelable, like all Blowback Attacks.
  • Jumping Light Punch (Air Snka.gif) - Jumping elbow with a horizontal hitbox near Ryo's head. Only notable as an air-to-air when done on the upward arc of a jump to intercept an oncoming aerial opponent, so that Ryo's elbow hits the opponent from below.
  • Jumping Light Kick (Air Snkb.gif) - Jumping knee strike, though nowhere near as good as Kyo's Jumping Snkb.gif as an air-to-ground attack. Ryo has better vertically-aimed jumping attacks so the applications of this move are limited.
  • Jumping Heavy Punch (Air Snkc.gif) - A punch aimed 60° downward and Ryo's most vertically reaching jumping normal. The best air-to-ground attack when close to an opponent and for coming down on enemies' sweeps and slides.
  • Jumping Heavy Kick (Air Snkd.gif) - Jumping side kick similar to Ryu's Jumping Forward, but with a downward angle. Has both horizontal and vertical reach. An alright air-to-air attack when the opponent is below Ryo's leg, but vulnerable to air-to-airs from above or against far-reaching horizontal hitboxes. Also good as an air-to-ground attack, but moreso when outside of Jumping Snkc.gif's close spacing since the vertical length is shorter and thus more susceptible to anti-airs.
    • Can cross up an opponent but must be input late in the jump arc.
    • Great when spaced so that the opponent is tipped by Ryo's foot. Hard to anti-air with normals from this spacing since the vulnerable hitbox stays behind the active hitbox. If Jumping Snkd.gif is input preemptively, the opponent could crouch and meaty the Ryo player's whiffed jumping attack.
  • Jumping Blowback Attack (Air Snkc.gif + Snkd.gif) - The Kyokugen Helicopter. Ryo spins with both arms outstretched, with the frontal arm aiming slightly downward at a 30° angle. Strong horizontal and vertical hitbox and functions strongly as an air-to-air and can be timed late to hit crouching opponents.
    • Creates a hitbox wall when done while jumping in, with a longer range than Jumping Snkc.gif.
    • When done early in the air the move will beat a deal of enemy air-to-air attacks. If done too early in the jump arc, the enemy can stay on the ground and punish the Jumping Blowback Attack with a low meaty.

Unique Attacks

  • Hyouchuuwari - (F.gif + Snka.gif) - Ryo's signature overhead chop. The hitbox on Ryo's arm is large, giving the move a deceptive range that allows a player to space the overhead from a far distance to reduce the chance of a counterattack while making the normal safer on block. While the startup is somewhat slow, Hyouchuuwari is one of the better grounded overheads in the game which contributes to Ryo's great close-ranged game.
    • Traditionally a strong meaty on the opponent's wakeup when spaced to pester the opponent to block high, though doing so predictably will lead to the enemy reversaling through the overhead. The player could try to use the attack more conservatively while saving for instances where Hyperdrive or Super Meters allow for a big damage output.
    • Easy to hitconfirm into a supercancel (think Third Strike) or HD Mode. This alone makes the overhead a powerful option for the player, since it can catch the enemy off guard as most overheads in KOF are jumping attacks off of hops. Still, the move is reactable and is somewhat punishable if the opponent blocks the attack close.
  • Hyouchuuwari (canceled-into) - (F.gif + Snka.gif) - If a normal attack is canceled into Hyouchuuwari, the commmand normal ceases to become an overhead attack. Otherwise the player can still cancel into the Ryuuko Ranbu (Qcf.gifDownright.gifQcb.gif + Punch.gif) or HD Mode. Combos from Heavy attacks and pushes the player back to safety from most punishes on block; an alright option to cancel into from both Light and Heavy attacks as a frametrap.
  • Joudannuke - (F.gif + Snkb.gif) - Ryo steps forward with his upper hand making a stopsign which will parry mid and high hitting attacks while negating all damage. On a successful parry, a red flash circles Ryo's arm and the player can cancel the parry only into a special or DM. Essentially this move works like a counter attack where on success the player can choose which special to follow up with.
    • Can be canceled into to beat Counter CD attacks. Attack with a cancelable normal such as Crouching Snkc.gif and then cancel immediately into F.gif + Snkb.gif. If the opponent countered, Ryo will successfully nullify the attack and have enough frame advantage to recover and punish the enemy with a Close Snkc.gif for a combo. This counter attempts is punishable if the opponent had blocked, though using a heavier attack to cancel into Joudannuke reduces the opponent's frame advantage.
    • Very dangerous to whiff due to the heavy recovery and the player is vulnerable to low attacks and throws for the whole duration.
  • Gedannuke - (Downright.gif + Snkb.gif) - Ryo's low parry, which will stop low-hitting attacks only. Cancels into specials or DMs on success, though the player is vulnerable to throws, mid and high attacks.
    • Only the first half of the move has active countering frames.


  • Tomoe Nage (Right.gif or Left.gif + Snkc.gif or Snkd.gif [while close]) - Ryo falls backward and tosses the opponent with his momentum. Causes a hard knockdown, though the opponent is thrown the full screen away which doesn't allow the player to run in close enough to meaty the opponent. If the opponent is throw into the corner this changes and allows the player to set up a safe jump, empty hop into a meaty low or throw, or whatever close range option wanted.

Special Moves

  • Ko'ouken - (Qcf.gif + Punch.gif) - Ryo's 'projectile' that doesn't travel passed his fist, but acts as a huge poke with its fat hitbox. This is Ryo's safest offensive special due to being safe on block while the opponent can only punish a 2-in-1 by Guard Cancel Rolling through the cancelable normal and predicting the Ko'ouken. On hit, an opponent will always be put in a soft knockdown.
    • The Snka.gif version comes out moderately fast but is quite lacking in range, requiring a player to be close to the opponent for it to hit. What it lacks in range is made up with the neutral situation it leaves the player with on block, while on hit the player can Supercancel or even link a followup hit in the corner. Ryo's safest move to cancel into and a great part of his close offense.
    • The Snkc.gif Ko'ouken moves Ryo forward at the cost of being more neutral on block. Combos from Heavy attacks like the Snka.gif version but cannot be Super or Drive Canceled. From the max spacing of Crouching Snkc.gif or Standing Snkd.gif the Snka.gif Ko'ouken will come up short and whiff, requiring the Snkc.gif version instead. This move is more disadvantegous on block at -6, however spaced correctly the opponent will be too far for a decent punish.
    • The big hitbox can stuff jumping attacks, normals, and specials once active. The startup duration is quite vulnerable when done alone though, with the more-reaching Snkc.gif version being extra vulnerable during the forward movement before activating.
    • Ex.pngKo'ouken - (Qcf.gif + Snka.gif + Snkc.gif) - Starts up fast enough to combo off of light attacks, moves Ryo forward like in the Snkc.gif version, and has a window of startup invulnerability. While it has a tiny window of ghetto invuln, a more resourceful use is to save the Ex.png version for corner combos as the opponent is launched slightly higher than with the Snka.gif version.
  • Koho - (Dp.gif + Punch.gif) - Ryo's invincible DP/Shoryuken/Uppercut and traditionally one of the best in KOF.
    • For anti-air and reversal purposes, the Snka.gif version is the better option due to the attack only hitting once for a knockdown and recovering faster.
    • The Snkc.gif DP hits twice where the first, Super/Drive Cancelable hit can connect as a reversal, but the second hit that causes a knockdown can sometimes whiff and make the move unsafe on hit. To minimize this risk, stick with the Snka.gif version or cancel the first hit of the Snkc.gif Koho for a knockdown. For inside of combos the Snkc.gif version is preferred for more damage while having that first cancelable hit.
  • Ex.pngKoho - (Dp.gif + Snka.gif + Snkc.gif) - Invulnerable startup, hits only one time. Best used as a more powerful Snka.gif Koho on wakeup or as an antiair.
    • All versions of Koho deal more damage if the opponent is hit deeper, in the earlier frames of the move.
  • Hien Shippuukyaku - (Hcb.gif + Kick.gif) - A forward flying spinkick that causes a soft knockdown. Very punishable on block for both versions.
    • Snkb.gif Hien Shippuukyaku is fast enough to punish certain moves made 'safe' by spacing and connects against crouching characters in Ryo's hitconfirms. This move is also good to use at the end of combos for little bit more damage. In the corner this move consistently connects after a Snka.gif Ko'ouken where other followups would whiff.
    • The Snkd.gif version is slower, but can still connect from light attacks if canceled fast enough, though the higher hitbox will cause this attack to whiff on crouching opponents. The different arc and three hits increase the usefulness of this move in Ryo's juggle combos, just not so much in basic combos.
  • Ex.pngHien Shippuukyaku - (Hcb.gif + Snkb.gif + Snkd.gif) - Similar to the speed of the Snkd.gif Hien Shippuukyaku, but hits twice and connects against crouching opponents while launching the opponent for a followup afterward. Increases the damage off of Ryo's Light hitconfirms.
  • Zanretsuken - (F.gifB.gifF.gif + Punch.gif) - A multi-hitting punch 'ranbu' that sucks the opponent in on hit. Connects from light or heavy attacks at close range. However it is unsafe on block or whiff, while a trade will deal no damage to the opponent. Save it for combos.
    • The Snka.gif Zanretsuken causes a hard knockdown and will hit crouching opponents unlike Hcb.gif + Snkd.gif and works more consistently as a punish. This move will connect from light attacks done relatively close to the opponent. At most 2 light attacks, but at max distance from stand Snka.gif it will still whiff. Test the range in training.
    • The Snkc.gif version of this move launches the opponent upward in a juggleable state which allows for Drive Cancel followups. Meterless followups are possible in the corner only. You can followup with a Snka.gif Ko'ouken and then Snka.gif Zanretsuken to end the combo in the corner.
  • Ex.pngZanretsuken - (F.gifB.gifF.gif + Snka.gif + Snkc.gif) - Identical to the Snkc.gif version but the opponent is launched straight above Ryo which allows for a followup without using a Drive Cancel. Use near the end of combos as your damage will get scaled heavily if used earlier in the combo.

Desperation Moves

  • Ryuuko Ranbu - (Qcf.gifDownright.gifQcb.gif + Punch.gif) - Ryo's 'ranbu' DM where he dashes forward and starts an automatic combo on hit. Causes a soft knockdown against the opponent that leaves the player with a slight frame advantage, though not enough to safely hop at the opponent. Ryo's main DM to cancel into as Haou Shokouken is slow, and the player can get about as much damage from a basic DM combo than from one EX move.
    • Combos from Hyouchuuwari (F.gif + Snka.gif) and Heavy attacks, most notably Crouching Snkc.gif.
    • Easily punishable on block, and deals no damage on a trade.
    • Ex.pngRyuuko Ranbu - (Qcf.gifDownright.gifQcb.gif + Snka.gif + Snkc.gif) - A more damaging ranbu ending with a Haou Shoukouken. The startup speed is improved which allows the DM to connect in more places, and the first few frames are invulnerable. A nice, damaging DM.
  • Haoh Shokouken - (Qcf.gifDownright.gifQcb.gif + Punch.gif) - A super Ko'ouken that travels the full screen. The projectile itself is large and cannot easily be jumped over, though an opponent can roll through or simply block the attack for minimal chip damage. Risky if thrown out as a potential anti-air as the startup is too slow to be used on reaction to a hop and a grounded opponent can roll through or punish with an invulnerable move.
    • The Snka.gif version travels the screen slowly and can meaty roll attempts done too early. The Snkc.gif projectile travels fast and works as a fullscreen punish to projectiles and whiffed moves.
      • Either version can be rolled, but there's no telling which one will be used. If one rolls too early anticipating the faster version, the Snka.gif version could meaty a roll attempt. Wait too long and the risk of the fast version hitting increases. When in doubt, just block and take the small amount of chip.
  • Shin: Tenchihahouken - (Qcf.gifQcf.gif + Snka.gif + Snkc.gif) - A one-hit-wonder Neomax punch that can combo from Light attacks. Similar in speed as Hcb.gif + Snkd.gif and entirely invulnerable until after attacking. This DM can easily be incorporated into HD combos, Max Canceled or not. Aside from combos, it can be used as a reversal against close opponents though it's possible that the opponent could perform a safejump to bait it.
    • Deals 60% damage if registered as a counterhit. The only way to set this up reasonably would be to react to a very sloppy meaty attempt, or to anti-air a jumping attack.

Tips and Tricks


0% Drive

0 Bar

  • (jumping attack)/cr.B cr.B cr.A/st.A xx hcb+B - ( )
    • Basic low hitconfirm.
  • (jumping attack) cl.C/st.D xx hcb+D - ( )
  • (corner) (jumping attack) cl.C/st.D xx qcf+A,
    • ...hcb+B
    • "...dp+P" Needs to be done close in the corner for the C Kohou. A Kohou possible at most ranges but better off using hcb+b for damage where dp+C would whiff.
      • Neat corner combo that links after Ryo's safe qcf+A. hcb+B has the most range and works the most consistently.
  • 'cr.B, cr.C xx special
  • Doubles as a low hitconfirm that can combos into any special while doubling as a frametrap.

1 Bar

  • cr.B st.A xx hcb+BD, dp+C - ( )
  • cl.C/st.D f+A xx qcf,hcb+P - ( )
  • f+A xx qcf,hcb+P - ( )

50% Drive

  • cr.B st.A xx hcb+BD, dp+C (DC) hcb+D, dp+C - ( )

100% Drive

1 Bar

  • cl.C/st.D f+A (HD) cl.C/st.D f+A xx hcb+BD, [dp+C (HDC) hcb+D] x3 dp+A (HDC) fbf+A - (727)
    • Fullscreen corner carry HD combo that only requires one meter. Really delay the dp+C after the hcb+BD in order to carry to the corner.

Team Order

1st position



2nd position



3rd position



Basic Strategy


  • The closer in to the opponent, the more options available as blockstring length increases. Any range where qcf+A will connect is excellent, though being in range for st.D is also fine.
    • cr.B pressure works as long as the player takes precautions to avoid triggering df.B when moving in. The player can chain and blockstring into cr.A while still having the threat of canceling into qcf+A or f.A or simply using a heavy attack afterward like st.D.
    • Up close cr.B, cr.C works as a wonderful frametrap/link combo and can safely be canceled into qcf+A. The hitbox of cr.C is huge when up close, especially against a cornered opponent. The player can even land a deep cr.C xx qcf+A and still be in range for a second cr.C.
    • Canceling into qcf+A in general is a big deal up close as the attacking player has the initiative afterward. The player is pushed back some, but even so Ryo is equipped with a multitude of far-reaching Heavy and cancelable normals. Any connected qcf+A scores a knockdown and in the corner this converts into a free followup hit. The defending opponent could attempt to use a Blowback Counter, but the Ryo player can always be prepared to read this and punish by canceling into f.B for a full combo. Guard Cancel Rolls are to be looked out for, but by keeping blockstrings varied this forces the opponent to guess where if at all to try to Guard Cancel Roll.
    • Once pushed back the player could attempt to run back in against a defensive opponent, use Ryo's long-reaching pokes to anti-air and keep the opponent grounded and at bay, or read a sweep or hesitant opponent and hop forward with an appropriate jumping normal.


  • Ryo can't do too much damage from a distance, but the player can set up the spacing to intercept a hop/jump or simply feel out an opponent. Establishing this space or turtling for time or to bait a mistake is a strong strategy with the life lead.
    • Ryo's Koho (Dp.gif + Snka.gif) will take care of most full jumps, and even some hops from a neutral position. Once the opponent gets in, it becomes too risky to try and DP every hop willy-nilly but Ryo has the appropriate normals (st.A, cr.C, st.C) to deal with hops on reaction during their ascension. Using cr.B/cr.D as a tripguard meaty or by running under the opponent can lead to more damage than just DPing everything.
      • On Ryo's wakeup, punish poor meaty hops with a reversal Koho (Dp.gif + Snka.gif). Know the heights for a safejump or empty hop to make a judgement call on what can be beaten. Some characters can alter their aerial momentum as well, as is the case with Maxima's aerial M4 Vapor Cannonn (Qcb.gif + Snka.gif + Snkc.gif) which will beat a reversal attempt, so blocking is always a smart option.
    • Projectiles can be punished with Haoh Shoukouken (F.gifHcf.gif + Snkc.gif) from a neutral situation from fullscreen.
    • Ko'ouken works well against running and hopping opponents but leaves the player vulnerable during the startup or if whiffed.
    • Learn what moves can be punished by hcb+B to reduce an opponent's offensive options.

Advanced Strategy

Frame Data

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