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KOFXIII-K' Face.png

In a nutshell

Sporting classy new sunglasses and the continued favouritism of the new SNK', K' returns to KoF once more. With decent damage off practically everything, insane corner carry, anywhere juggles, easy crossups, good zoning and great meter building potential, K' is one of the better characters in XIII. K's versatility in the Front.png of almost any situation means he can find a slot in basically any team, though he is most commonly used as a battery due to his damage output not requiring meter, and continuous use of Ein Trigger being so safe. However, K' has rewarding powerful combos for those that master him, meaning he's a character that can appeal to anyone. Using K' effectively will take a moderate amount of execution overall, as well as solid understanding of how to adapt your playstyle to each situation in a match as is appropriate.

Video Walkthrough

Move List

Normal Moves

Special Properties (glossary)
Standing Light Punch
Chaincancel.png cancel
Standing Light Kick
Standing Heavy Punch
Close Heavy Punch
Standing Heavy Kick
Close Heavy Kick
Low.png cancel
Crouching Light Punch
D.png + Kof.lp.png
Chaincancel.png cancel
Crouching Light Kick
D.png +
Low.png Chaincancel.png cancel
Crouching Heavy Punch
D.png + Kof.sp.png
Crouching Heavy Kick
D.png +
Low.png Softknockdown.png cancel
Blowback Attack
Kof.sp.png +
Softknockdown.png specialcancel
Jumping Light Punch
Air Kof.lp.png
Jump: 45
Hop: 40
High.png cancel
Jumping Light Kick
Jump: 45
Hop: 40
Jumping Heavy Punch
Air Kof.sp.png
Jump: 72
Hop: 70
High.png cancel
Jumping Heavy Kick
Jump: 70
Hop: 68
High.png cancel
Jumping Blowback Attack
Air Kof.sp.png +
Jump: 90
Hop: 80
Softknockdown.png cancel

Unique Attacks

Special Properties (glossary)
One Inch
F.png + Kof.lp.png
One Inch (canceled-into)
F.png + Kof.lp.png


Special Properties (glossary)
Spot Pile
F.png or B.png + Kof.sp.png or (while close)
Throw.png hardknockdown

Special Moves

Special Properties (glossary)
Ein Trigger
Qcf.png + P.png
P.png : 50
Ex.png : 60
Kof.lp.png and Ex.png : softknockdown
Second Shoot
Ein Trigger, then F.png +
P.png : 50
Ex.png : 50×2
Ex.png : projectileabsorb
Second Shell
Ein Trigger, then F.png +
P.png : 40
Ex.png : 25×2
Black Out
Ein Trigger, then B.png + K.png
Black Out
Qcf.png + K.png
Ex.png : startupinv
Minutes Spike
Qcb.png + K.png
K.png : 70
Ex.png : 150
Airok.png Softknockdown.png Drivecancel.png
Ex.png : Autoguard.png
Air : anywherejuggle
Narrow Spike
Minutes Spike (ground), then Qcb.png + K.png
K.png : 60
Ex.png : 130
Low.png Softknockdown.png drivecancel
Crow Bites
Dp.png + P.png
Kof.lp.png : 60+40
Kof.sp.png : 50+40+30
Ex.png : 20×8+40×2+80
Softknockdown.png Drivecancel.png
Kof.lp.png : Upperbodyinv.png
Kof.sp.png and Ex.png : startupinv
Secondary Bites
Kof.sp.png Crow Bites, then F.png + K.png

Desperation Moves

Special Properties (glossary)
Heat Drive
Qcf.png qcf + P.png
Startupinv.png Softknockdown.png maxcancel
Chain Drive
Qcf.png Hcb.png + P.png
P.png : 25+0+10×3+15×6+70
Ex.png : 25+0+10×3+12×6+10×3+12×6+12+40+80
Startupinv.png Softknockdown.png Maxcancel.png
Ex.png : anywherejuggle
Hyper Chain Drive
Hcb.png hcb Kof.lp.png + Kof.sp.png
Startupinv.png Hardknockdown.png

Console Changes

  • Jump B and Jump D's hitboxes and active frames have been changed.
  • Ein Trigger (qcf+P) and its follow-ups have slower recovery.
  • EX Ein Trigger > Second Shoot (qcf+AC > f+B) acts a bit differently than before. The projectile gradually accelerates and hits two times (previously 80 damage).
  • Air Minutes Spike (Air qcb+K) has the "anywhere juggle" property. Previously, this was only on the EX version.
  • EX Air Minutes Spike (Air qcb+BD) has faster recovery.
  • Minutes Spike (including Air version) (qcb+K) acts a bit differently than before. It comes out at a certain timing rather than being based on the distance to the opponent.
  • Narrow Spike (qcb+K > qcb+K) has slower recovery on block.
  • Light Crow Bites (dp+A) has reduced invincibility, and it is now only upper-body invincibility.
  • EX Chain Drive (qcf hcb+AC) has the "anywhere juggle" property.
  • Hyper Chain Drive (hcb hcb+AC) is completely invincible.


Move Analysis

Normal Moves

  • Standing Light Punch (Snka.gif) - A typical standing A. Has great reach, but cannot hit crouchers. Mostly used as an anti air against hops.
  • Standing Light Kick (Snkb.gif) - Resembles K's old close B ankle kick, but with slightly more range. This move does not really sport any advantages over crouching B, but reaches slightly further, so may be used in pressure strings if you feel like mixing it up a bit at a distance.
  • Standing Heavy Punch (Snkc.gif) - K' lunges forward to punch the opponent. Considerably slower than usual, this move is difficult to anti air with due to the startup, and will miss some crouchers at varying angles. It can work as a more damaging but riskier hop deterrent, and is cancelable so whiffing it into Ein Trigger (qcf+P) isn't all too bad.
  • Close Heavy Punch (Close Snkc.gif) - A 2 hit close uppercut, K's close C is fairly speedy and has the advantage of being easy to confirm off due to its 2 hit nature. Unfortunately the overall low vertical range of his punch and its fairly mediocre activation distance make it an underused move. Most effective when used to frametrap an opponent from a light attack, or as part of punisher combos leading into f+A.
  • Standing Heavy Kick (Snkd.gif) - A somewhat awkward roundhouse kick aimed at a high angle. This move is much faster than it usually is, but lacks the cancel option of standing C, so it's application as a hop counter is somewhat limited. It can work better as an anti air for larger jumps, but usually K's dragon punch would be preferred.
  • Close Heavy Kick (Close Snkd.gif) - K' kicks his opponents shins in. A rarity among most close heavies, this move hits low, but its startup is not terribly hot and it doesn't combo into f+A properly at most ranges, and even if it does your combo options after it are limited due to the pushback. The activation range is also not very good, so for the most part, this move should only really be used if you're trying to do a low mixup but wish to secure some higher initial damage.
  • Crouching Light Punch (Down.gif + Snka.gif) - A pretty average crouching jab. In some games, K' cannot cancel his crouch B, so this is his go to cancelable move for combos, but in XIII it's use is mostly limited to experimenting with different blockstrings.
  • Crouching Light Kick (Down.gif + Snkb.gif) - If there was a normal to sum K' up, it would be this one. You may have noticed that most of K's normals are a little finicky or trickier to use than most, but this bad boy pretty much picks up the slack. Great range, cancelable, combos into nearly all his main bnbs, is + frames on block, can be staggered easily, and lowers K's hitbox enough that it can be used as a fairly effective tripguard against less effective jumpins. This is your go to move for footsies, pressure, mixup, and just general tomfoolery.
  • Crouching Heavy Punch (Down.gif + Snkc.gif) - K's mexican uppercut. Is slower than his other two close heavies, so can be used to create longer gaps in blockstrings if desired. The horizontal range is significantly less than what it used to be however, so it's mostly relegated to use as an anti air. One of the few anti air cr.C's that cancels properly in XIII, as the second, anti air hitbox will cancel.
  • Crouching Heavy Kick (Down.gif + Snkd.gif) - K's sweep has gotten a significant boost in speed at the result of losing a lot of the range it originally had. Still an effective tripguard or general blockstring move or distanced meaty, but cr.B by itself is by far a much more useful and scarier tool.
  • Blowback Attack (Snkc.gif + Snkd.gif) - After a brief delay, K kicks the dirt in front of him with his hands in his pockets. Has a good amount of horizontal range and has significant blockstun, but the startup makes it pretty bad for trying to poke or string with. Can be used after a string of cr.B's against a cornered opponent if you expect them to try to guard roll your Ein Trigger qcf+P and want to make them miss the timing, as you can cancel it on whiff into it to catch them as they roll.
  • Jumping Light Punch (Air Snka.gif) - A steep angled, but short ranged jump attack, K' sticks his "Fire Fist" out below him. In terms of practical use, the move is overshadowed by his jumping C, as both have very similar angles for close jumpins and crossups, with this move having slightly more horizontal reach, and C having more vertical. It's pretty fast, so it can work as an effective air to air if necessary. Can cancel into aerial qcb+K, which isn't too useful, but canceling into qcb+BD can be valuable in air to air situations, as that move has anywhere juggle, letting you net some nice damage off an otherwise impossible to capitalize situation.
  • Jumping Light Kick (Air Snkb.gif) - K' does a tiger knee pose while in the air. Whilst the range isn't very good, it's another quick startup air normal, and overall has more horizontal reach than jumping A. It's also much easier to crossup with this move from lower, close range hops, as it hits pretty much all round itself.
  • Jumping Heavy Punch (Air Snkc.gif) - Very similar to jumping A, except that K' uses his other hand to punch down instead. Has a deeper vertical hitbox and works better for jump crossups, this is overall K's most used close ranged jumping normal. Is also cancelable into aerial qcb+K, so the same benefits apply.
  • Jumping Heavy Kick (Air Snkd.gif) - K' preforms a near upside down kick to the floor. This move sports incredible range and has a great hitbox. It has a bit more startup than the average jumping D, but is K's most valuable distanced jumpin or general air spacing tool. Hitting with j.D at the tip will beat out many contemporary anti airs if you are spaced correctly, as the hitbox is fairly disjointed. Cancelable into aerial qcb+K.
  • Jumping Blowback Attack (Air Snkc.gif + Snkd.gif) - What looks like a more traditional jumping D is K's j.CD. Aiming at a downward angle, this move is a fairly effective air to air, but is typically used for putting the opponent in a lot of blockstun to set up a mixup, or for whiffing into a low during a hop. Has slightly less range than it usually does, but can still be used effectively for hyperhop spacing, and can cancel into qcb+BD in the air for a combo, even on non counterhit. On counter hit, K' can typically follow this up with a qcb+K qcb+K on the ground into a dp ender.

Unique Attacks

  • One Inch (Right.gif + Snka.gif) - K' leans forward very slowly with his fist outstretched. On hit it crumples the opponent, letting you combo afterwards. Also leaves the opponent in a juggle state if you hit it on an airborne target. Due to it's extremely slow startup, this move has almost no real practical application outside of combos, and serves more as a hindrance to K' to stop him from being able to run or walk forward and st.A.
  • One Inch (Right.gif + Snka.gif [Canceled Into]) - This is a LOT faster than the raw version, and cancels. Mostly used as a more damaging hitconfirm after a cl.C, as 2 hit cl.C does slightly less damage. Also pushes the opponent back a significant distance so can be used to space yourself out further in the corner if you want to keep your distance on someone blocking. Beware though, the pushback does mean you may end up missing combos if you attempt cancel into it from too far away.


  • Issetsu Seoi Nage (Right.gif or Left.gif + Snkc.gif or Snkd.gif [while close]) - K' elbows his opponent into the floor right next to him. Allows you to setup a variety of mixups, but is mostly used for crossing up with j.B or j.C by preforming a hop into these moves while the opponent is getting up.

Special Moves

  • Ein Trigger (Qcf.gif + Punch.gif) - K' creates a circle of fire in front of his body. Counts as a fireball, but does not actually travel anywhere. The A version places the opponent in a juggle state, whilst the C leaves them grounded. This move can be followed up into either Second Shoot (f.B) which is a fireball, Second Shell (f.D) a very high priority anti air juggling kick, or Black Out (b.K) a teleport. Is there anything this move doesn't do? Spaced correctly, this move alone is extremely safe and hard to punish, as hopping at K' will get you hit by the fire, and doing a large jump will let him preform a Second Shell to anti air you, or a Black Out to escape. Do nothing and he can just throw a fireball. This is also pretty much impossible to punish on guard roll due to the recovery, and is + frames if you meaty it on a waking up opponent. Geez.
    • Ex.png Ein Trigger (Qcf.gif + Snka.gif + Snkc.gif) - Better startup, better active frames, better hitbox, juggles the opponent higher on hit. Also buffs Second Shoot and Second Shell.
    • Second Shoot (After Ein Trigger, Right.gif + Snkb.gif) - Kicks the circle of fire, creating a small fireball that travels at mid height across the screen. The speed and recovery of this move is determined by the initial qcf+P. A comes out slower, and travels slower but has less recovery, C comes out faster and travels faster but has more recovery. The height on this move is not really good enough to be used the same as fireballs like Athena's Psychoball but this is remedied by the fact that K' can also use Black Out or Second Shell instead. Best used to annoy the opponent in blockstrings or at a safe distance fullscreen away, or to combo into if you are too far away to make Second Shell connect after a qcf+A. Doing this move after the EX version creates a fireball that can absorb another fireball.
    • Second Shell (After Ein Trigger, Right.gif + Snkd.gif) - Kicks the circle of fire vertically, creating a very high priority anti air kick. This move is very difficult to beat with an air attack, and connecting it pretty much certifies a corner carry high damage combo with Minute Spike/Narrow Spike into Crow Bites. As previously described, best used to anti air people trying to regular jump or superjump over your Ein Trigger. This move has some issues comboing from qcf+A at certain distances, but using qcf+AC means your Second Shell should always juggle correctly.
    • Black Out (After Ein Trigger, Left.gif + Kick.gif) - The speed and distance on this teleport is determined by the strength of the button press. B travels a short distance, whilst D goes much further. It's not really as fast as it used to be, so trying to use this move in pressure strings is more liable to get you thrown than anything else. Best used to get yourself out of sticky situations after doing an Ein Trigger, where a Second Shell won't come out in time to anti air.
  • Black Out (Qcf.gif + Kick.gif) - Teleport. B goes short distance, D goes far. Can be used to get away from an opponent trying to space you in the corner, but overall pretty risky to use.
    • Ex.png Black Out (Qcf.gif + Snkb.gif + Snkd.gif) - Has startup invulnerability so can be used as a "safe" reversal. Beware, isn't fully invul and you could get thrown, but the speed of the move is typically enough to avoid this.
  • Crow Bites (Dp.gif + Punch.gif) - Dragon Punch with invulnerable startup. Works about as you'd expect a DP to for the most part, can anti air effectively or work as a good combo tool. The A version is fast and hits twice, while the C version is slower and scoops the opponent up into the air and leads to a hardknockdown followup. An anti air with DP+A could be followed up into a qcfqcf+P supercancel for some extra damage, or a qcf+K drive cancel into another DP. Both versions are good to use since they both juggle on the first it, but C will have more range horizontally, and A more vertical.
    • Ex.png Crow Bites (Dp.gif + Snka.gif + Snkc.gif) - Similar to K's newer super in KoF 2003 and XI, this is basically a Shoryureppa with the range and hard knockdown of the C version and the speed of the A version.
    • Secondary Bites (After Crow Bites C version, Right.gif + Kick.gif) - K' hits the opponent with his j.D at the end of the juggle, causing a hard knockdown. Does not give you much time to set up pressure or mixup afterwards. Sometimes, the followup can miss if the opponent is juggled too high by the DP, meaning the opponent could recovery roll and try to hit you, so be careful.
  • Minute Spike (Qcb.gif + Kick.gif) - K' preforms a flying kick that travels up to 3/4 of the screen depending on if you use B or D. Puts the opponent in a juggle state, and can be preformed in the air. Not nearly as fast as it used to be, this move extremely iffy for throwing out in neutral game. It will still go over grounded fireballs like Terry or Kyo, or other low angled attacks like sweeps, but is still risky. If preformed on the ground, can be followed up with Narrow Spike qcb+K.
    • Ex.png Minute Spike (Qcb.gif + Snkb.gif + Snkd.gif) - Comes out faster and travels nearly the full screen, and gives the biggest damage increase of any of K's EX moves. The aerial version of this move has anywhere juggle, meaning you can hit an opponent in a "reset" state, where they have already air teched and are coming back down to the ground. For example, if you hit with a jumping air normal, canceling into air qcb+BD will combo even on non counter hit. It's possible to juggle after the air version, but the range and height are specific.
    • Narrow Spike (After grounded Minute Spike, Qcb.gif + Kick.gif) - K' slides in a pose similar to his teleport, hitting low. K' has lost the ability to cancel into this move early from Minute Spike, meaning that this move is basically never going to hit in neutral game, and now travels so far forward that it's nearly always bad or unsafe on block. Primary use is to reduce the recovery of Minute Spike enough to combo afterwards with a Crow Bites.

Desperation Moves

  • Heat Drive (Qcf.gifQcf.gif + Punch.gif) - After creating a fireball in his hand, K' charges forward fullscreen to punch through an opponent. Can be charged if the punch button is held, and becomes unblockable if held long enough, although this is basically never going to happen. This move is extremely difficult to punish if blocked at close range due to the fact that K' travels so far forward. Whilst in some games it's a solid followup to an anti air Second Shell, K' has access to more powerful juggles in this game, meaning this move is only really useful if you need to convert an anti air Crow Bites into some larger damage, as its invul frames are pretty pathetic.
  • Chain Drive (Qcf.gifHcb.gif + Punch.gif) - K' throws his sunglasses at the opponent. If they hit, he charges forward and catches them, and preforms a standard KoF ranbu super. Note that the "hit" on the sunglasses can include fireballs, as the sunglasses will nullify them. Unlike other games, if blocked, K' does not charge forward, and just pulls out a new set of shades, making this move a bit safer then usual. Typically best saved for combos near the corner, or just to style on your opponent if you read a fireball correctly, as again it's invul frames are not much to talk about.
    • Ex.png Chain Drive (Qcf.gifHcb.gif + Snka.gif + Snkc.gif) - Holy damage batman! One of the highest damaging EX DMs in the game, this is a staple HD combo ender for K', and can be worth using from basic Second Shell juggles if you want some serious damage.
  • Hyper Chain Drive (Hcb.gifHcb.gif + Snka.gif + Snkc.gif) - "Don't underestimate me!" K' punches the ground and blows everything up, somewhat similar to Akuma's hidden super in 3S. Unforunately, this super sucks. Period. The damage for a NeoMax is low and it's difficult to combo into. You should be using EX Chain Drive in basically any circumstance you could use this super, except possibly as a high damage anti air.

Tips and Tricks

  • With the input buffer of KOFXIII getting cl.C f+A xx qcf+A to not come out as cl.C f+A xx dp+A can be a real hassle. Luckily the weird input buffer it is possible to bypass this difficulty. If you input the qcf+A as 2369 (that is: Down, down-forward, forward, up-forward) the qcf+A will always come out.
  • When in the corner or near it, you can use qcb+B qcb+B instead of D to make the combos slightly easier.


0% Drive

0 Bar

  • (jump attack) cr.B cr.B xx qcf+A f+B - (137, 16)

A keepaway combo that isn't very damaging, but it is hit-confirmable and can be mixed in with cancels into b+B for pressure. Note that hitting 2 cr.B from a longer distance may cause the combo to not hit properly, meaning you could do qcf+C f+B instead to get the fireball to connect properly.

  • cr.B xx qcf+A f+D, qcb+D, qcb+K, (whiff) dp+A - (234, 22)
  • (jump attack) cl.C (1hit) xx qcf+A f+D, qcb+D, qcb+K (whiff) dp+A - (244, 25)

While possible to add a jump attack before the cr.B, its unrealistic and difficult to get the f+D to combo properly if you do this. Stick to the cl.C combo instead from jumpins. Also, you have to be quite close to get this combo to work correctly, as the qcb+D will whiff otherwise, even if the f+D hits. In the corner, these combos are much easier to do, allow jumpins or additional cr.B to hitconfirm, and you could even add a f+A after the 1hit cl.C in the corner into your combo.

  • (jump attack) cl.C (1hit) f+A xx qcb+D (cancel quickly so it doesn't hit) qcb+K, dp+A - (217, 22)

Does less damage but works at farther ranges than most of the above combos, making it prefferable from distanced jumpins. Could also start this combo from st.C to confirm a longer ranged poke into damage.

  • (any air to air attack connect) xx qcb+K - (100+)
  • j.CD xx qcb+K - (137, 12)

Anywhere juggle on air minute spike makes these combos possible.

1 Bar

  • (jump attack) cr.B cr.B xx qcf+AC f+D, qcb+D, qcb+K (whiff) dp+C f+K - (293, 28)
  • (jump attack) cl.C f+A xx qcf+AC f+D, qcb+D, qcb+K (whiff) dp+C f+K - (332, 32)

Helps to for confirming your pokes and chains into better damage from further distances or jumpins. If after the qcb+K whiff you are in the corner, could choose to end in dp+A for less damage, but better oki potential.

  • cr.B xx qcf+A f+D, qcb+D qcb+K (whiff) dp+AC - (326, 14)
  • (jump attack) cl.C f+A xx qcf+A f+D, qcb+D qcb+K (whiff) dp+AC - (333, 17)

Bad oki, but higher damage for midscreen when you can get the close hitconfirms in.

  • (near corner)(jump attack) cr.B cr.B xx qcf+A f+D, qcfhcb+P - (328, 13) (omit a cr.B if neccessary)
  • (near corner)(jump attack) cl.C f+A xx qcf+A f+D, qcfhcb+P - (367, 27)

High damage corner combos that have good hard knockdown.

  • (near corner)(jump attack) cr.B cr.B xx qcf+A f+D, full jump j.CD xx qcb+BD, land dp+C f+K - (349, 39) (omit a cr.B if neccessary)
  • (near corner)(jump attack) cl.C f+A xx qcf+A f+D, full jump j.CD xx qcb+BD, land dp+C f+K - (388, 43)

Maximum damage corner combos, but have pretty bad oki potential.

  • (near corner)(any air to air attack connect) xx qcb+BD, land dp+C f+K - (200+)

Possible corner juggles from air EX minute spike followups.

2 Bar

  • cr.B cr.B xx qcfhcb+AC - (324, 6)
  • (jump attack) cl.C f+A xx qcfhcb+AC - (363, 10)

Basic SDM combos. Most of the 1 bar ones are more useful midscreen.

  • (jump attack) cr.D xx qcfhcb+AC - (358, 7)
  • j.CD, land qcfhcb+AC - (368, 8)
  • (any air to air attack connect), land qcfhcb+AC - (300+)

Since his SDM has anywhere juggle, here are some possible conversions into it.

  • (near corner)(jump attack) cr.B cr.B xx qcf+A f+D, full jump j.CD, land qcfhcb+AC - (451, 21) (omit a cr.B if neccessary)
  • (near corner)(jump attack) cl.C f+A xx qcf+A f+D, full jump j.CD, land qcfhcb+AC - (490, 25)

Max damage corner combos.

3 Bar

  • (jump attack) cr.B cr.B xx qcf+AC f+D, dash, superjump j.CD, land qcfhcb+AC - (450, 14)
  • (jump attack) cl.C f+A xx qcf+AC f+D, dash, superjump j.CD, land qcfhcb+AC - (489, 18)
  • (near corner)(jump attack) cr.B cr.B xx qcf+A f+D, superjump j.CD xx qcb+BD, land cr.C xx qcfhcb+AC - (522, 28) (omit a cr.B if neccessary)
  • (near corner)(jump attack) cl.C f+A xx qcf+A f+D, superjump j.CD xx qcb+BD, land cr.C xx qcfhcb+AC - (561, 32)

Quite hard. There's a drive variant that only adds 30 damage but makes it much easier.

50% Drive

0 Bar

  • cr.B xx qcf+A f+D, qcb+D, qcb+K (whiff) dp+A (1 hit) (DC) qcb+D, qcb+K (whiff) dp+A' - (318, 30)
  • (jump attack) cl.C (1 hit) xx qcf+A f+D, qcb+D, qcb+K (whiff) dp+A (1 hit) (DC) qcb+D, qcb+K (whiff) dp+A - (328, 33)

Basic drive combos.

  • cr.B xx qcf+A f+D, qcb+D, qcb+K (whiff) dp+A (2 hit) (DC) qcf+B, dp+C f+D' - (322, 40)
  • (jump attack) cl.C (1 hit) xx qcf+A f+D, qcb+D, qcb+K (whiff) dp+A (2 hit) (DC) qcf+B, dp+C f+D' - (332, 43)

Hard knockdown variants. Slightly easier to do as well. Oki isn't very good though. As before, easier to confirm in the corner with additional cr.B or a f+A cancel.

  • cr.B xx qcf+A f+D, qcb+D, qcb+K (whiff) dp+A (1 hit) (DC) qcf+C f+D, qcb+D, qcb+K (whiff) dp+C f+D' - (396, 47)
  • cl.C (1 hit) xx qcf+A f+D, qcb+D, qcb+K (whiff) dp+A (1 hit) (DC) qcf+C f+D, qcb+D, qcb+K (whiff) dp+C f+D' - (406, 50)

You may wonder why you wouldn't want to always do this combo, but doing a raw drive cancel from dp+A into qcf+C is extremely hard if you have any stocks at all, due to the fact it will supercancel most of the time instead. So this combo is only really easily practical if you have no bars.

  • cr.B,cr.B xx qcf+A~f+D, qcb+D~qcb+K, dp+A (1 hit) dc qcf+C~f+D, f+A, dp+C~f+D' - (403, 58)

Corner variation.

1 Bar

  • (jump attack) cr.B cr.B xx qcf+AC f+D qcb+D, qcb+K (whiff) dp+A (1 hit) (DC) qcb+D, qcb+K (whiff) dp+C f+D - (359, 36)
  • (jump attack) cl.C f+A xx qcf+AC f+D qcb+D, qcb+K (whiff) dp+A (1 hit) (DC) qcb+D, qcb+K (whiff) dp+C f+D - (398, 40)

Basic, easy to confirm combos. Can end in dp+A instead for better recovery.

  • cr.B xx qcf+A f+D qcb+D, qcb+K (whiff) dp+A (1 hit) (DC) qcb+D, qcb+K (whiff) dp+AC - (387, 22)

Slightly beter damage off a low but harder to hitconfirm.

  • cr.B xx qcf+A f+D qcb+D, qcb+K (whiff) dp+A (1 hit) (SC) (Must be near corner) qcfhcb+P - (394, 18)
  • (jump attack) cl.C (1 hit) xx qcf+A f+D qcb+D, qcb+K (whiff) dp+A (1 hit) (SC) (Must be near corner) qcfhcb+P - (404, 21)

Have to be pretty close to the corner during the dp+A supercancel or it won't work.

  • (near corner)(jump attack) cr.B cr.B xx qcf+A f+D, full jump j.CD xx qcb+BD, dp+A (DC) qcb+D, qcb+K (whiff) dp+C f+D - (451, 21) (omit a cr.B if neccessary)
  • (near corner)(jump attack) cl.C f+A xx qcf+A f+D, full jump j.CD xx qcb+BD, dp+A (DC) qcb+D, qcb+K (whiff) dp+C f+D - (490, 25)

Again, can end in dp+A for ease/recovery.

2 Bar

  • cr.B xx qcf+A f+D qcb+D, qcb+K (whiff) dp+A (1 hit) (SC) (Must be near corner) qcfhcb+AC - (454, 18)
  • (jump attack) cl.C (1 hit) xx qcf+A f+D qcb+D, qcb+K (whiff) dp+A (1 hit) (SC) (Must be near corner) qcfhcb+AC - (464, 21)

Have to be pretty close to the corner during the dp+A supercancel or it won't work.

  • cr.B xx qcf+A f+D qcb+BD, qcb+K (whiff) dp+A (1 hit) (DC) qcb+D, qcb+K (whiff) dp+AC - (421, 18)
  • (jump attack) cl.C (1 hit) xx qcf+A f+D qcb+BD, qcb+K (whiff) dp+A (1 hit) (DC) qcb+D, qcb+K (whiff) dp+AC - (431, 21)

If for some reason you REALLY want to up the damage from a corner to corner bnb you could use this.

  • (near corner)(jump attack) cl.C f+A xx qcb+K (cancel quickly so it doesn't hit) qcb+K (DC) qcf+C f+D, full jump j.CD, land qcfhcb+AC - (522, 19)

Not a particularly useful combo but is the only decent corner 2 bar drive combo. The basic 2 bar corner combo of launcher > j.CD > SDM already does so much damage it is definitely not worth trying to do a corner variant with j.qcb+BD or doing the dp+A supercancel part to involve drive if you are already close enough to land that combo.

  • (corner) cr.B,cr.B xx qcf+A~f+D, qcb+D~qcb+K, dp+A dc qcf+C~f+D, f+A, cl.D xx qcf,hcb+AC - (568, 47)

Another variation.

3 Bar

  • cr.B xx qcf+A f+D qcb+BD qcb+K (whiff) dp+A (1 hit) (SC) (Must be near corner) qcfhcb+AC - (488, 14)
  • (jump attack) cl.C xx qcf+A f+D qcb+BD qcb+K (whiff) dp+A (1 hit) (SC) (Must be near corner) qcfhcb+AC - (498, 17)

Not really worth the bars.

  • (near corner)(jump attack) cl.C f+A xx qcb+K (cancel quickly so it doesn't hit) qcb+K (DC) qcf+C f+D, full jump j.CD xx qcb+BD, land cr.C xx qcfhcb+AC - (598, 36)

100% Drive

All HD combos could be started from cr.B cr.B/st.B to confirm from a low.

1 Bar

  • (jump attack) cl.C f+A (HD) cl.C (1 hit) xx qcf+A f+D, qcb+D, qcb+K (whiff) [dp+A (1 hit) (HDC) qcb+D, qcb+K (whiff)] x4 dp+A (1 hit) (HDC) qcf+C (input dp+A qcf+C as forward, down, down forward, forward A, hold forward, C) f+D, f+A, qcfhcb+P - (700, 29)
    • If in the corner, can make the second cl.C into a cl.D to up the damage to 727.

2 Bar

  • (jump attack) cl.C (1 hit),f+A HD cl.C (1 hit),f+A xx [dp+A (1 hit) xx qcb+D~qcb+K]x3, dp+A (1 hit) qcf+C~f+D, f+A, dp+P (2 hits, either version) xx hcbx2+AC - (785, 10)
    • Standard 2 bar hd combo, works anywhere. The C version of dp is probably better at the end, gives more time to buffer the neomax.

3 Bar

  • (jump attack) cl.C f+A (HD) cl.C (1 hit) xx qcf+A f+D, qcb+D, qcb+K (whiff) [dp+A (1 hit) (HDC) qcb+D qcb+D (whiff)] x3 dp+A (2 hit) (HDC) qcfqcf+P, Max Cancel hcbhcb+AC - 823, 10
    • If in the corner, can make teh second cl.C into a cl.D to up the damage to 850.

Possible to use the qcbhcf+P cancel instead but getting the ranbu to successfully hit is really hard and it will only do 2 more damage.

Outdated arcade videos for HD combos, but you could still view this to get an idea of how the combos/timing look like.

4 Bar

  • j.C cr.C f.A BC cl.D qcb+BD~qcb+K(whiff) dp.A (DC)qcf+C~f.D, f.A qcb+K~qcb+K(whiff) dp.A. (DC)qcf+C~f.D f.A qcfhcb+P xx NeoMax (1000 dmg)

Team Order

1st position



2nd position



3rd position



Basic Strategy


  • In the opponent's face, K' has access to a lot of safe annoying pressure options. Whilst he does not really "plow" into an opponent the same way that a pure rushdown character like Kyo might, his offence is more about shutting down the options of the opponent and then taking advantage of the forced respect to continue his attacks. However, his true offensive power really comes into play in the corner, because Ein Trigger does not push back, and a mashing opponent may be liable to get hit by followups if he isn't respectful.
    • K's cr.B has pretty sick range and is + frames on block. You could be using this to just chain, frametrap and stagger at a distance to annoy an opponent, and reset with a hop j.C or j.D at the appropriate ranges, or cancel into qcf+P f+B for some safe chip options. Hitting with it at close range will let you preform K's strong corner carry bnb, if it connects at far range you may want to use qcf+AC to make sure you can connect the combo.
    • Because of the "freeze" on the screen when someone guard rolls, it is possible to "hitconfirm" so you do not do a followup to qcf+P if they attempt to guard roll it, leaving you in a basically even situation to the opponent.
    • qcf+P when meatied is + frames, meaning you could do pretty much any sort of redash into more cr.B, hop j.C, empty hop throw or empty hop low after it. If you suspect mashing, you can throw out another qcf+P or a cr.D to catch it, or just followup with Second Shoot or Second Shell.
    • qcf+P is an extremely annoying move to deal with up close if the opponent does not have an invincible or fast move to blow through it. Against some characters, or characters without meter, when you corner them it's possible to just be consistently abusing qcf+P just outside their hit radius, meaning if they press anything they will get hit, jumping will get them hit, and rolling puts them in a bad position.
    • If you anticipate a hop or reversal superjump after your qcf+P, st.A is a solid safe option to shut the opponent down. If you feel riskier, st.C and st.D could be utilized in the same way.
    • If you knock an opponent down with Secondary Bites, there aren't many good offensive options to do afterwards. The only one of note would be that it places you at a good range do do regular forward jump over and j.C crossup. However this is pretty telegraphed and easy to roll out of, so be aware. Stick to regular qcf+P meaties.
    • After throwing an opponent, K' has about half a year to do whatever he wants. By changing the timing of your forward hop as the opponent gets up, you could either cross the opponent up or not on their wakeup, or do the usual empty hop throw/low mixup, or stick to the qcf+P meaty.


  • K' has good rushdown tools, but there are some matchups where he is simply better off keeping his distance, or situations where you'll just want to sit on a life lead to avoid an opponent's annoying reversal options like Andy's hcf+BD. With regards to zoning, K' can use his Second Shoot fireball and Second Shell upkick to create an annoying wall for the opponent to progress in on, along with his strong j.D and good DP.
    • As described before, doing a neutral qcf+P at long range (2/3 to fullscreen) is pretty much completely safe. If the opponent tries to hyperhop at you they will get tagged by the fire and could be juggled afterwards with Second Shell into a full combo. If they take a large superjump or regular jump to avoid the move, you can anti air with Second Shell or use Black Out to escape them and be on the other side of the screen again. If the opponent opts to do nothing, you could simply just recover or throw out a fireball, forcing them to respond in some way. Watch out for characters with moves that counter this strategy, such as Leona's V Slasher where she can simply neutral jump and hit you with her air super if you get into a pattern.
    • K's dp is extremely reliable, and is unlikely to trade or lose to any moves. The A version DP is a solid option against people jumping at you from close range, and could be followed up with a Drive Cancel into qcf+B into another DP, or supercanceled into qcfqcf+P for some extra damage. The C dp is better for people trying to jump at further/safer angles since the forward movement will be enough to catch them. Beware that the startup is significantly longer so it's harder to overall catch these jump attempts with it. Against people near you on the ground, again C will have slightly better range so you may prefer it against an opponent keeping his distance.
    • K's qcf+BD has startup invul meaning you could use it to escape a bad situation safely. You can get thrown out of it providing you do not abuse it constantly the opponent is unlikely to be on the ball to catch you doing it. qcf+D can be also be used to try to escape the corner if an opponent is trying to bait you into pressing something and standing outside your range, as you will end up far away enough to recover in time.
    • qcf+P can be quite liberally used if an oppponent pushes himself out too far with his pressure and wants to riskily reset, as it will pretty much catch anything except a superjump, which is going to just go way over you and miss anyway (unless it's Iori and he can j.4B you.) hops, pokes and the like will get tagged by the Ein Trigger, and a regular jump can get caught by Second Shell. If it's blocked, you can just use Second Shoot to push the opponent out further to create some safe space.

Advanced Strategy

Frame Data


Game Navigation

Move Name Block Startup* On Guard Notes
Standing Snka.gif HL 4 +2 Whiffs most crouchers.
Standing Snkb.gif HL 5 +1
Standing Snkc.gif HL 10 -9
Close Snkc.gif HL 5 -8
Standing Snkd.gif HL 9 -8
Close Snkd.gif L 7 -6
Crouching Snka.gif HL 4 +1
Crouching Snkb.gif L 4 +2
Crouching Snkc.gif HL 6 -11
Crouching Snkd.gif L 8 -10
Standing Snkc.gif + Snkd.gif HL 14 -6
Jumping Snka.gif H 8 -
Jumping Snkb.gif H 4 -
Jumping Snkc.gif H [jump: 9] [hop: 8] -
Jumping Snkd.gif H [jump: 10] [hop: 9] -
Jumping Snkc.gif + Snkd.gif HL 10 -
(chained into) F.gif + Snka.gif HL 15 -6 Special cancelable.
F.gif + Snka.gif HL 22 -2 Crumples grounded opponent, keeps aerial opponent in comboable state.
Qcf.gif + Punch.gif HL 9 -5 Capable of being +6 when done as a meaty attack.
=> F.gif + Snkb.gif HL - [A: -3] [C: -4] Listed advantage is from point blank range.
=> F.gif + Snkd.gif HL - -6
Qcf.gif + Snka.gif + Snkc.gif HL 8 +11
=> F.gif + Snkb.gif HL - +6 Listed advantage is from point blank range.
=> F.gif + Snkd.gif HL - +4
Dp.gif + Snka.gif HL 4 -28
Dp.gif + Snkc.gif HL 8 -66
Dp.gif + Snka.gif + Snkc.gif HL [untested, but likely 4 frames] -
Qcb.gif + Kick.gif HL 15 [B: -20] [D: -26]
=> Qcb.gif + Kick.gif L 11 -10 -5 when blocked from tip range.
Qcb.gif + Snkb.gif + Snkd.gif HL 16 -16
=> Qcb.gif + Kick.gif L 9 -3
Air Qcb.gif + Kick.gif HL [B: 12] [D: 14] [B: -18] [D: -22] Anywhere juggle.
Air Qcb.gif + Snkb.gif + Snkd.gif HL 10 -8 Anywhere juggle.
Qcf.gifQcf.gif + Punch.gif HL 15 -39 Chargeable, though doing so does not alter any properties of the DM.
Qcf.gifDownright.gifQcb.gif + Punch.gif HL 12 -40 The shades act as a DM-priority projectile hitbox.
Qcf.gifDownright.gifQcb.gif + Snka.gif + Snkc.gif HL 12 -36 The shades act as a DM-priority projectile hitbox.
Hcb.gifHcb.gif + Snka.gif + Snkc.gif HL 8 -? Projectile hitbox.
EX Iori
EX Kyo
Mr. Karate
Duo Lon
Hwa Jai
Saiki (Boss)
Dark Ash