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Hitstun and Blockstun state


Being in a Hitstun or Blockstun state, means you are unable to move on your own accord. During hitstun you are throwable and during blockstun you are unthrowable. Hitstun is obviously triggered when you are hit, and blockstun is triggered when you block a move.

In The King of Fighters XIII, the length of hitstun and blockstun is universal, this means that you can predict how long the hitstun is by the type of move. This greatly aids in being able to time your punishes precisely, as it will always be the same timing before you can move again. It also allows you to calculate the amount of frame advantage you can get, whether a move can combo into another move etc.

Universal Hitstun and Blockstun

The universal blockstun is expressed in length of frames that you are unable to move after Hitstop. Hitstop is a short period where both the attacker and the defender 'freeze', this is to convey the impact of an attack visually.

Move type Hitstun Blockstun Hitstop
Light Attack 14 12 7
Heavy Attack 20 18 11
Command Normal 20 18 11
Special Attack 20 17 (sometimes 18) Variable
CD Attack KD 23 11
Jumping Light Attack 12 12 11
Jumping Heavy Attack 12 15 11
Jumping CD Attack KD 22 11
Hopping CD Attack KD 18 11
Jumping Command Normal 20 18 11

How Hitstun is to be counted

When a move hits, the first frame of a move will activate, then hitstop will happen, and after the hitstop is the full amount of the hitstun. This might all sound a bit obscure, that' s why it' s easier to simply show this in the form of a table.

WIP, sorry for the ugly mess.

Images Kyo clC1.png Kyo clC2.png Kyo clC3.png Kyo clC4.png Kyo clC5.png Kyo clC6.png Kyo clC7.png Kyo clC8.png Kyo clC9.png Kyo clC10.png Kyo clC11.png easter eggs can be found
Frames 1 1 1(11)1 3 3 3 2 1 1 3 1
Simplified 2 2 3 14
Hitstun 20
Blockstun 18