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Common Button Configurations

KOF 13 lets you customize your buttons however you want but here are some of the most common/best. Try them out and see which one suits you. If you like none, make your own!

(Note: Until images are added, I'm going to use text stuff. GameFaqs style!)

Default/New Style


(Note: Uses the 4 left most buttons on a TE)

The new default layout. This is great for Street Fighter, Tekken, MK, etc. players since it's so similar to other games. It has easy EX moves but it's harder to do Rolls, HDs, and Blowbacks in this configuration.

Not Slanted New Style


Same as previous but can help those who don't want their buttons to be slanted.

Old Style


The old KOF style. For KOF veterans but can be great if you can get used to it. Really easy Rolls, HDs, and Blowbacks but EXs are harder. If you're new to KOF, you'll need to get used to having the Lights and Heavys being together, not the Punches and Kicks.

One Row


All on one row. I've seen some people use this. Kinda awkward, but it's usable.



Yes, I've seen this used too. Some people want a mix of one row and Old Style. Interesting and worth a try.

Move D


D is moved from under C to next to C. I really like this layout. Very comfortable, easy rolls and blowbacks, and easy EX A+C moves. The Two lights are in the SF positions as well. The only awkward button combinations are HDs and B+D EX Moves. One of the best layouts and certainly worth a try.



There's no D moves in KOF in the Blazblue sense but the button labels are the same, so I call it Blazblue style. Absolutely terrible button configuration in my opinion. HD, EX, Blowbacks, everything except rolls are weird. Avoid at all costs.