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DropGate: One of the better characters to first learn seeing as how he has great advantage of damage over most characters as well as a good mix-up game. Most of his strong points are in his punches that just scream "Let me hit you!" His kicks are great as well and most of the time, you can lead into better combos than his punches. One problem I have found that could lead Ralf to a loss would be his recovery off of most specials, such as Ralf Tackle and [Low] Crusin' Ralf. Not to mention that his only super that does not require you to heavly combo into would be Galactica Phantom. Another downfall of Ralf, one that he has never had, is no projectiles. A person that plays a good projectilist, such as Ninon, would more than likely give Ralf a big run. Easiest way to counter act this would be to use Ralf Tackle with almost precise timing or if your in range Galactica Phantom, otherwise your just going to be rolling and jumping a lot.

On that not, Galactica phantom should be your primary goal when using supers. Supers are Ralf's best friend, and he can easily eat up time and life if done right. The main reason why I say use Galactica Phantom more often than the others Is two reasons. First being great amount of invincability frames from autoguard on start up, I was able to autoguard through a Max Diamond Edge as well as a few other projectile based attack and DM's. Secondly, it's unblockable and can't be Parried.

Ralf has a great grapple game as well as you can easily cancel most of his SM's (Stylish Moves) into either his 41236+B or D. Not to mention that [almost] all of his DM's will either put the opponent on the ground (Bareback Vulcan Punch, Bareback Galactica Phantom), or at least cause them to be standing again (Vicious Vulcan Punch). The only exception to this would be Galactica phantom.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Special Moves

Super Moves

The Basics

Advanced Strategy



1) C,C,C,3D,D,D

Total Damage: _44_

Total Super Bars Used: _0_

2) C,(2),C,C * 8C

Total Damage: _52_

Total Super Bars Used: _0_

3) 1C-D,2B,3D,D,D

Total Damage: _37_

Total Super Bars Used: _0_

4) C,C,C,33B

Total Damage: _45_

Total Super Bars Used: _0_

5) C,C,C,66B

Total Damage: _39_

Total Super Bars Used: _0_

6) C,C,C * 2363214C

Total Damage: _63_

Total Super Bars Used: _1_

7) C,C,C,3D,D,D,2141236D

Total Damage: _66_

Total Super Bars Used: _1_

8) C,C,C * 236236C

Total Damage: _78_

Total Super Bars Used: _2_

9) C,C,C,3D,D,D * 2363214C [WB]41236236B/D,[66B],3D,D,2141236D

Total Damage: _120_

Total Bars Used: _5_

10) C,C,C,3D,D,D,41236236B/D, 623(C),[SC]2363214A/C

Total Damage: _124_

Total Bars Used: _5_

11) C,C,41236B,3D,D,D,41236236B/D,623(C),[SC]2141236D

Total Damage: _125_

Total Bars Used: _5_

12) 41236236B/D,623(C)[whiff before character lands],663C,3D,D,663C,3D,[D],D,2363214A/C,[WB]2C,41236236A/C,623(C)

Total Damage: _100%_

Total Bars Used: _7_ (requires first hit)

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