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The King of Fighters 2001/Yuri

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Oni Harite [b/f]+C Silent Nage [b/f]+D

Air Throws

Tsubame Otoshi air any+[C/D]

Command Moves

En Yoku f+A Senkai Kyaku f+BB

Special Moves

Ko'ou Ken qcf+P └Haou Shoukou Ken hold P Kuuga f,d,df+P ! └Ura Kuuga(withC) f,d,df+P Hien Senpuu Ken qcb+hold P Raiou Ken qcf+K Hien Senpuu Kyaku qcb+K Hyakuretsu Binta hcbf+K

Desperation Moves

Hien Hou'ou Kyaku qcf,hcb+K Mekki Zan Kuuga qcfx2+K !

`! on Yuri Chou Enbu

Super Desperation Moves

Hien Hou'ou Kyaku qcf,hcb+B+D Yuri Chou Enbu AAfBC

Striker Moves

Hien Rekkou B+C

The Basics

j.D > cr.B > cr.A > qcb+A or qcf,hcb+K

Close C > dp+C > dp+C

Close C > f+K > A,A,f,B,C

Close C > qcf,qcf+P SC A,A,f,B,C

Advanced Strategy