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The King of Fighters 2001/Vanessa

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Dynamite Puncher [b/f]+C Clench Puncher [b/f]+D

Command Moves

1-2 Puncher f+A Sliding Puncher df+B

Special Moves

Machine Gun Puncher hcf+XP Puncher Weaving qcb+hold P └Dash Puncher f+P └Parrying Puncher 4+P └Puncher Vision [b/f]+K Puncher Vision [ qcb/qcf]+K └Puncher Upper f+A !

  `! on 2nd hit

└Puncher Straight f+C & └Puncher Weaving 4+hold P └Puncher Vision qcf+K └Puncher Vision qcb+K Parrying Puncher f,d,df+P !

`! withC

Dash Puncher ^4f+P

Desperation Moves

Champion Puncher close qcfx2+P Crazy Puncher qcb,hcf+P

Super Desperation Moves

Crazy Puncher qcb,hcf+A+C

Striker Moves

Hard Puncher B+C

The Basics

Close C (2 hit) > f+A (1 hit) > hcf+P

j.C > Crouch C > b charge f+P > j.CD

j.C > Crouch C > b charge f+P > qcb,hcf+P or [Corner] qcf,qcf+P

[Corner](Close C (2 hit) > f+A (1 hit) > qcb+P) x n

Advanced Strategy