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The King of Fighters 2001/May Lee

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Normal Mode


Omote Enbu [b/f]+C Ura Enbu [b/f]+D

Command Moves

Kuusetsu Geki f+B Kamae Henka&Hero Mode A+B+C

Special Moves

Mawashi Geri qcf+K Kakato Otoshi f,d,df+B Gedan Geri f,d,df+D ! Gada Hanshuu hcb+K !

`reverse all

Desperation Moves

Shinjuu Kyaku qcbx2+K & Ryuu Getsurin Kyaku qcfx2+K

Striker Moves

Shinjuu Shoukan B+C

Additional Notes

`all Special Moves can be link together `link moves Chart(Sanren Kyaku) qcf+K,f,d,df+K,hcb+K qcf+K,hcb+B,f,d,df+K qcf+K,hcb+D f,d,df+K,qcf+K,hcb+K f,d,df+K,hcb+B,qcf+K f,d,df+K,hcb+D hcb+B,qcf+K,f,d,df+K hcb+B,f,d,df+K,qcf+K `hcb on 2nd/3rd is Ushiro Mawashi Geri `Ushiro Mawashi Geri is ! withB `Ushiro MawashiGeri change to Hero Mode withD


Command Moves

Hero Uke f+A

`block jump/high/mid

Sliding df+B Kamae Henka&Normal Mode A+B+C

Special Moves

Full Swing Chop qcf+P [email protected]

`! withC
`& withC
`@ withA

May Lee Ch~p! qcb+P ! └follow with May Lee Ki~ck! May Lee Ki~ck! air qcf+K May Lee Break! close hcbf+P

Desperation Moves

May Lee Dynamic! air qcfx2+P

Super Desperation Moves

May The End qcfx2+A+C

Additional Notes

`Body Blow is & `can't block `can't use Front Evade `can't use Back Evade `can't use Air Body Blow `can't use Striker Call

The Basics

Close D(2 hit)> dp+D > qcf+B(2 hit)> hcb+B

Close D(2 hit)> dp+D SC qcf,qcf+K

Close D(2 hit)> dp+D > qcf+B(1 hit) SC qcf,qcf+K

Close D(2 hit)> qcf+B(1 hit)> hcb+B > ABC > Close D > qcf+P

Close D(2 hit)> qcf+B(1 hit)> hcb+B > ABC > cr.C > qcb+P (SC j.qcf,qcf+K)

Close D(2 hit)> qcb,qcb+K > ABC > qcb+P (SC j.qcf,qcf+K)

[ABC] cr.C > qcb+P SC j.qcf,qcf+K

Advanced Strategy