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The King of Fighters 2001/Leona

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Leona Crush [b/f]+C Order Buckler [b/f]+D

Air Throws

Heidern Inferno air any+[C/D]

Command Moves

Strike Arch [b/f]+B

Special Moves

Baltic Launcher b charge f+P Moon Slasher d charge u+P Ground Saber b charge f+K └Gliding Buster(withD) f+D ! X-Calibur air qcb+P Earring Bakudan 1 qcb+K Earring Bakudan 2~Heart Attack b,d,db+K └Kibaku b,d,db+K

Desperation Moves

V-Slasher air qcf,hcb+P Grateful Dead qcfx2+P Rebel Spark qcb,hcf+K

Super Desperation Moves

V-Slasher air qcf,hcb+A+C

Striker Moves

Killer Touch B+C

The Basics

cr.B > cr.A > d charge u+C

j.C > cr.C > d charge u+C

Close D > f+B > j.qcf,hcb+P

Close D > rdp+K > Close D > f+B > j.qcf,hcb+P

Advanced Strategy