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The King of Fighters 2001/K'

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Spot Pile [b/f]+C Knee Strike [b/f]+D

Command Moves

1-Inch f+A @ Knee Assault f+B

Special Moves

Eins Trigger qcf+P └2nd Shoot f+B └2nd Shell f+D └Blackout 4+K Crow Bites f,d,df+P ! └2nd Bites(withC) f+K

 └follow with Minute Spike

Blackout qcf+K Minute Spike (air)qcb+K └Narrow Spike qcb+K !

  `in ground version

Desperation Moves

Heat Drive qcfx2+hold P Chain Drive qcf,hcb+P

Super Desperation Moves

Chain Drive qcf,hcb+A+C

Striker Moves

Narrow Spike B+C

The Basics

j.A> Close C(1hit) > qcf+C > f+B

Close C (2 hit)> f+B > qcb+B

cr.Ax2 > qcf+C >f+B

[Corner] Close C(1hit) > qcf+C > f+D > dp+C>f+K or qcf,qcf+P

Close D > f+A >qcb+Bx2 SC qcf,hcb+P

Advanced Strategy