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The King of Fighters 2001/Heidern

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Backstabbing [b/f]+C Lead Belcher [b/f]+D

Air Throws

Critical Drive air any+[C/D]

Command Moves

Shooter Narnagel f+B

Special Moves

Cross Cutter qcf+P Moon Slasher f,d,df+P !

`! withA

Neck Roller f,d,df+K Storm Bringer close hcb+P Killing Bringer hcb+K

`reverse jump/high/Special/DM/SDM

Desperation Moves

Final Bringer qcfx2+P Heidern End qcb,hcf+K

Super Desperation Moves

Final Bringer qcfx2+A+C Heidern End qcb,hcf+B+D

Striker Moves

Clearing Moon Slasher B+C

Additional Notes

`Body Blow is @

The Basics

Cr. C > dp+C

Close C > f+B(1 hit) > dp+C (SC qcb,hcf+K)

Cr.B > hcb+P

Advanced Strategy