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The King of Fighters 2001/Foxy

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Command Moves

Special Moves

  • Unicorn Horn - Qcf.png Snka.gif / Snkc.gif

Foxy will do a stance for a bit and then throw a needle to the opponent. If this move connects the opponent will be totally paralized for some seconds, giving the player a perfect chance to start a combo. Not a particularly usefull move outside of gimmicks, and you can get it by accident if your inputs for her DM aren't clean.

A Version has shorter startup but less invulnerability frames and slower projectile. C Version has longer startup, but good invulnerability frames alongside faster projectile.

  • Prenilnium - Dp.png Snka.gif / Snkc.gif

Big moonslash-like attack with great range, a bit of invulnerability on start, easy to combo into and Super Cancelable during the first hit. Foxy's main meterless combo ender and neat anti-air option.

A Version is quick and does nice damage, but has almost no invulnerability. 2 Hits. C Version is a bit delayed, has better damage and actual invulnerability frames but is no longer Super Cancelable. 3 Hits.

  • Tree of Beginning - Hcb.png Snka.gif / Snkc.gif

Lunge stab with decent startup and range, but can be interrupted easely. Mostly used as combo ender or quick punish. Super Cancelable. Has 2 follow ups, that actually can be executed before this move hits, mostly for mind games.

Both Versions are the same except for the distance of the step, being C the version with further range.

Memory of Noah - Snka.gif / Snkc.gif

Follow up for "Tree of Beginning" Spin slash that knockdowns the opponent. Both Versions are the same.

7 Stars - B.png + Snkb.gif / Snkd.gif

Follow up for "Tree of Beginning" Foxy will get into a defensive stance, this is a guard move that stops high attacks.

  • Tree of Knowledge - Qcf.png Snkb.gif / Snkd.gif

Slide kick into slash, high body invulnerability and a good combo ender. Hits low and then mid. Knocksdown on 2nd hit.

Moon Silver - F.png + Snka.gif / Snkc.gif Follow-up for Tree of Knowledge. Foxy will jump and do an overhead slash with good range. Knockdown on hit. Super Cancelable. This is the Striker Move of Foxy.

  • Hope of Nature - Dp.png Snkb.gif / Snkd.gif

Invulnerability dash move, hold the button to extend the dash. Meant to be a defensive tool but is not Cancelable outside of the first 3 frames. Not very usefull.

Deadly Moves

  • Poetry of Cyngus - Qcf.png Qcf.png + Snka.gif / Snkc.gif

Maiden Masher-like move. Foxy dashes with high body invulnerability and executes an auto-combo on the opponent if it connects. Pretty good combo ender and has 2 variants to mess with the opponent's defense. Really unsafe on block.

Moon Silver - [file:F.png]] + Snka.gif / Snkc.gif Variant for Poetry of Cyngus. Must be executed before it hits. Foxy jumps and does an overhead slash with exaggerated range and 2 hits, being Super Cancelable on the 2nd hit. Sadly is too slow to be comboed into outside of Striker mixups

Tree of Knowledge D.png + Snkb.gif / Snkd.gif Variant for Poetry of Cyngus. Must be executed before it hits. Foxy slides hitting low, if it connects does a Mid 2 hit slash, being Super Cancelable on the 3rd hit. Has good use on some blockstrings with Strikers.

Super Deadly Move

  • Pray of Planet - j.Qcf.png Qcf.png + Snka.gif Snkc.gif

Foxy does a downards slash that launches the opponent, then it summons waves of energy from the opponent's back that reach the celling. If the slash connects, the opponent will be comboed with the waves. Mainly a situational punish or a combo finisher for Striker combos. Can be executed as a Tk.

  • Honeybee - Qcf.png Qcf.png Qcf.png Qcf.png + Snkb.gif Snkd.gif

After doing a little preparation, Foxy launches foward like a missile, if connects both players get KO. But if whiffs or gets blocked, Foxy will get KO. Basically useless due to how slow it is, not even Unicorn Horn will confirm it

The Basics

cr.Bx2 > f+A > df+A > hcb+P>P

cr.Bx2 > f+A > df+A > qcf,qcf+P

j.D > Close C > f+A > df+A > hcb+P>P

j.D > (j.qcf,qcf+P) x 2

Advanced Strategy