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The King of Fighters 2001/Clark

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Nageppanashi German [b/f]+C Fisherman Buster [b/f]+D

Air Throws

Death Lake Drive air any+[C/D]

Command Moves

Stomping f+B

Special Moves

Gattling Attack ^4f+P └(withC)follow with Napalm Stretch Mount Tackle hcf+P └Clark Lift d2+A └Lift D.D.T. d2+C

 └Flashing Elbow                               qcf+P

└Rolling Cradle d2+K Napalm Stretch f,d,df+P └Flashing Elbow qcf+P Frankensteiner close f,d,df+K └Flashing Elbow qcf+P Super Argentine Backbreaker close hcf+K └Flashing Elbow qcf+P

Desperation Moves

Ultra Argentine Backbreaker close hcbx2+P Running Three hcfx2+K

Super Desperation Moves

Ultra Argentine Backbreaker close hcbx2+A+C

Striker Moves

Gattling Attack B+C

The Basics

j.C > Close C(1 hit) > hcf+K > qcf+P

j.C > Close C(2 hit) > b+B > b charge f+C > dp+C > qcf+P

j.C > Close C > hcb,hcb+P/AC

Advanced Strategy