The King of Fighters '98: Ultimate Match/Orochi Chris

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Honoo no Sadame no Chris is not really an EX character, but he is selected like an EX character, and like EX characters, his normal and command moves are the same as the normal character’s.

He has a better balance of moves than normal Chris, but not every special move has good ease-of-use. The fact that j.CD has been nerfed is a real pain, but the degree to which weak Tsuki wo Tsumu Honoo has been strengthened is large.

Move list

At a glance

Normal throws
Chi no Batsu (throw) f/b + C
Ten no Tsumi (throw) f/b + D
Command moves
Muyō no Ono f + A
Jukei no Oni f + B
Setsudan no Koto df + B
Special moves
Taiyō wo Iru Honoo qcf + P
Tsuki wo Tsumu Honoo dp + P
Kagami wo Hofuru Honoo qcb + P
Shishi wo Kamu Honoo (throw) hcf + K
Super special moves
Daichi wo Harau Gōka qcf qcf + P
Ankoku Orochi Nagi qcb hcf + P (can be held)

Normal moves

  • st.C – the first hit is cancelable; Chris has combos that aren’t a problem if you accidentally use this instead of cl.C.
  • cr.B – the reach is long, and it can be spammed.
  • j.D – excelling crossup ability, can be easily cancelled into cl.C.
  • j.CD – the hitbox reaching horizontally has been nearly nullified, which steeply weakens it. It’s still strong downwards, but it’s hard to use simply because the startup is slower now.

Command moves

  • Muyō no Ono
  • f + A
  • Chris clasps his hands and spins once while traveling forward. It combos from weak moves, and is pivotal to combos, as it is cancelable even without being cancelled into.

  • Jukei no Oni
  • f + B
  • Chris does a handstand, continues into a kick, then returns backwards. When not cancelled into, the second step is an overhead. The reach is long, so you can use it as a low-risk meaty.

  • Setsudan no Koto
  • df + B
  • A sliding kick with long reach and extremely low height. It doesn’t do knockdown, but it does not leave you open if the very tip touches. The reach has been slightly shortened.

Special moves

  • Kagami wo Hofuru Honoo
  • qcb + P
  • A rushing move in which Chris wheels into the air and bears down with flames. If the very tip touches, you won’t be very open.

  • Tsuki wo Tsumu Honoo
  • dp + P
  • A nice big flaming uppercut-type move. The weak version is suited for anti-air; the strong version, for interruption. You can also use the strong version in combos. The startup invincibility has been lengthened, making it more trusty.

  • Shishi wo Kamu Honoo
  • hcf + K at throwing distance
  • An odd proximity unblockable; the first hit is a strike that will break the opponent’s block if they are blocking. The sixth hit is cancelable into special moves. However, the juggle hitbox is only there while the opponent is going up, so only some moves will combo out of this.

  • Taiyō wo Iru Honoo
  • qcf + P
  • A triple projectile. The startup is slow so it won’t make combos, but if it gets a ground hit, the opponent will be kind of stuck, so it is possible to get an extra hit or two in afterward.

Super special moves

  • Daichi wo Harau Gōka
  • qcf qcf + P
  • A rushing move in which Chris is engulfed in flames. The MAX version adds two more such sojourns, switching directions each time. It has invincibility at startup, and although it is impossible to combo with it, you can use it for interruption or anti-air.

  • Ankoku Orochi Nagi
  • qcb hcf + P (can be held)
  • A move not unlike Kyo’s Orochi Nagi. Weak versions have lower-body invincibility, strong versions have upper-body invincibility (AC MAX version counts as weak in this case). The MAX version can now be used in combos, making everything but the normal strong version combo from strong attacks. You can use it as an anti-air or for countering.



  • j.D > cl.C >> Muyō no Ono (f + A) >> strong Tsuki wo Tsumu Honoo (dp + C)
  • Safe basic combo. When blocked, switch the special move out for something like Taiyō wo Iru Honoo (qcb + P) to reduce the vulnerability.
  • crossup j.D > cl.D or (cl.C >> Muyō no Ono (f + A)) >> Shishi wo Kamu Honoo (hcf + K) (6 hit) >> weak Tsuki wo Tsumu Honoo (dp + A)
  • Only when very close. You can start from Shishi wo Kamu Honoo (hcf + P) if you like. You could also switch the juggle out for a really fast sj.D, which does a bit more damage.
  • crossup j.D > cr.B > cl.B >> Muyō no Ono (f + A) >> weak Ankoku Orochi Nagi (qcb hcf + A) or MAX version Ankoku Orochi Nagi (qcb qcf + AC)
  • It needs gauge, but it basically gives you a safe combo, no problem.
  • cr.B > cr.C (1 hit) >> Muyō no Ono (f + A) ≫ certain special moves
  • Also possible from cr.A; the link is somewhat difficult.

The Basics

At mid-range, zone so that the very tip of Jukei no Oni and Setsudan no Koto will touch. From there, approach with j.CD or crossup-attempting j.D; for skilled opponents who won’t let you in so easily, you’ll also have to try out zoning with st.B and/or cr.B.

If close, then jump in while mixing crossup j.D’s into j.CD’s. If j.D hits, go for the combo, if j.CD or j.D is blocked, you’ll have to use a blockstring like cl.C >> weak Taiyō wo Iru Honoo so you can regain your footing. However, beware of interruption.

The two options of Shishi wo Kamu Honoo and cl.D are also important. For the cl.D, you can, of course, prepare a normal throw. When cl.D hits, finish it off reliably with Shishi wo Kamu Honoo.

Also, it is important to make the opponent aware of cr.B low hits. With this, you can make jumping in easier, and furthermore, you can do mixup with Jukei no Oni, thus being able to restrict their attacks.

For meaties: crossup j.D; Setsudan no Koto or Jukei no Oni; cl.C, cr.B, or Shishi wo Kamu Honoo. Taking the rate of success into account, they are listed in order of ascending higher risk and higher return.

Advanced Strategy