The King of Fighters '98: Ultimate Match/Heidern

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Moves List

At a glance

Normal throws
Backstabbing (throw) f/b + C
Lead Belcher (throw) f/b + D
Midair throw
Critical Drive (air throw) f/b + C
Command moves
Regret Bash f + A
Step Side Kick f + B
Special moves
Cross Cutter b (charge) f + P
Moon Slasher d (charge) u + P
Neck Roller d (charge) u + K
Storm Bringer hcb + P
Kill Bringer hcb + K
Super special moves
Final Bringer qcf qcf + P
Heidern End qcb hcf + K



Backstabbing - b/f+C

Good recovery and leaves the opponent closeby.

Lead Belcher - b/f+D

Switches sides, but it can be recovery rolled leaving you with no advantage.

Critical Drive - air b/f+C

Air throw, switches sides. Can be executed with the stick in db position which allows you to charge both specials at the same time.

Command Normals

Steiner's Knuckles - f+B

2 hits, combos from heavy attacks. Normal version is overhead on both hits, cancelled version is no longer overhead, but cancellable on the first hit. Disadvantage on both hit and block (warning some chars can punish this on hit).

Special Moves

Cross Cutter - b~f+P

Can only be comboed from s.C [1 hit]. Can be made unblockable with hcb+P. C version moves faster and has faster recovery. Disadvantage at point blank range but if it travels a slight distance first you will be at advantage. Can combo afterwards if it counterhits someone out of the air.

Moon Slasher - d~u+P

Both versions combo from lights, moves forward slightly. Cannot be used as a reversal. Horribly unsafe on block. C version the hitbox takes longer to travel around Heidern's body thus it is better anti air but won't combo properly from lights.

Neck Roller - d~u+K

Possible to combo from s.C [1 hit] (not that you'd ever want to though). Cannot be recovery rolled. B version will bounce over the opponent if blocked. Can hit opponents out of the air but the hitbox is only near his hands so it isn't good for that. Horrible recovery on block.

Storm Bringer - hcb+P

Instant command throw, combos from lights. The opponent can mash to reduce the damage, but you can counteract their mashing with your own. Leeches life from the opponent.

Kill Bringer - hcb+K

Counter move. Counters anything that hits the active hitbox e.g. jumping normals, normals, command normals, physical specials and DMs. Moves forward slightly.


Final Bringer - qcfx2+P

Combos from light or heavy attacks with the right spacing e.g. s.C [1 hit] midscreen or anything in the corner. Leeches life from the opponent. A version bounces behind the opponent on block. Can grab the opponent from the air but again the hitbox is only near his hands.

Heidern End - qcb,hcf+K

B version combos from light attacks, D and SDM versions combo from heavy attacks or f+B [1 hit]. D version runs forward slightly further before activating. Unsafe on block.

NB: Moon Slasher Bug

Whiffing a Moon Slasher will increase the damage dealt by both Storm Bringer and Final Bringer, but does not effect the life gained. The effect will last until you are hit or thrown (blocking attacks is fine however).

The Basics


  • cl.B or cr.A >> hcb+P
  • j.C > cl.C (1 hit) >> hcb+P
Best way to connect his command grab
  • cr.A > cr.A >> d u + C
your main low combo
  • cr.C >> d u + C
  • j.C > cl.C (2 hits) >> f + B (1 hit) >> qcb hcf + B/BD
Most damaging DM/SDM combo
  • j.C > cl.C (1 hit) >> qcf qcf + P
Use it as a setup
  • (Corner)j.C > cl.C (2 hits) >> f + B >> qcf qcf + P
Corner trap

Advanced Strategy