The King of Fighters '98: Ultimate Match/Geese Howard

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'Normal' Geese is geared toward mid and close range fighting since his fireballs lack distance. Geese can switch between his fuzzy guard and command grab mixups or apply passive pressure with pokes, his counters, anti-airs, and his Reppuken traps.

Moves List

At a Glance

Normal throws
Tate Katate Nage (throw) f/b + C/D
Command move
Raikou Mawashi Geri f + B
Raimei Gouha Nage df + C (down opponent)
Special moves
Reppuken qcf + A
Double Reppuken qcf + C
Shippuken qcb + p (air only)
Jaei Ken hcb + p
Hishou Nichiringan dp + p
Joudan Atemi Nage hcb + B (counter)
Chuudan Atemi Nage hcb + D (counter)
Gedan Atemi Nage hcf + B (counter)
Shinkuu Nage (throw) hcb,f + P
Super special moves
Raging Storm db hcb df + p
Deadly Rave qcf hcb + p


  • f or b+C/D - Breakable, unrollable, front turned. C or D determines which direction you throw them.

Normal Moves

Standing A - Standard high jab. st.A, cr.C, and Raging Storm are Geese's main ground anti-airs.

Standing B - Quick shin kick for checking the opponent. Hits mid.

Standing C - Nice, mid-hitting straight punch. Faster than st.D, so use when appropriate when poking, trapping, or AAing.

Standing D - Nice reach, okay speed, and one of Geese's longest pokes.

Standing CD - Nothing special. Causes too much pushback to blockstring into qcf+C and the reach isn't much to brag about.

Close A - Has a very high hitbox which can whiff smaller characters, so stick to cr.A or cl.B.

Close B - Decent combo/string filler. Special cancels, but can't be further chained.

Close C - Good activation range, so cr.B cl.C is an easy frametrap.

Close D - A straight kick followed by an upward kick (think a reverse Ryu cl.RH). Uncancelable, so use it for AA or evade cancel into a followup if you're using Ex. Meter.

Crouching A - Staple tool on offense. Chains and cancels into anything you need.

Crouching B - Standard low kick. Chain into cr.A for a hitconfirm, use it to punish whiffed jump-ins, et cetera, et cetera.

Crouching C - Geese's main anti-air normal, the crouching uppercut. Special cancelable and terrible on whiff or block.

Crouching D - Modest, cancelable sweep. Can lead into a df+C OTG if the opponent doesn't tech in the corner.

Jumping A - Downward chop that hits deeper just a little faster than j.C, so keep that in mind when seeking a slightly earlier hit.

Jumping B - Light horizontal kick with a slight downward angle. Slightly faster than j.D, but not as useful.

Jumping C - Geese's double palm attack. As with Mature, you can alter the timing of the attack to force the opponent to guess between blocking two highs then a low, or one high into a low.

Neutral Jumping C - Deep, downward punch that hides Geese's vulnerable hitbox far behind his arm. Good for stopping approaches, but leaves Geese vulnerable to run-unders and proper anti-airs.

Jumping D - Straight horizontal kick with a deep vertical hitbox. Use as a jump-in or air-to-air just as you would Iori's j.D.

Jumping CD - Wheeling kick with two hitboxes. The first part hits up high in front of Geese before his leg falls downward. Once used to the timing on the attack, j.CD can air-to-air and air-to-ground all in one go, and being a CD attack it forces a knockdown, making it more buff as a safejump just in case you trade.

Command Normals

Raikou Mawashi Geri - f+B - Forward-moving axe kick. Think Slayer 6H. Moves Geese in on the opponent, potentially anti-airing, and can be canceled into from normals in order to stay on top of the opponent. Isn't cancelable except into the Raimei Gouha Nage (df+C) ala Fatal Fury Real Bout 2.

Raimei Gouha Nage - df+C on downed opponent - Lightning OTG. Only works on hard knockdowns, so you'll have to land a counter or scare the opponent into avoiding teching in order to land this. Upon stunning an opponent onto the ground it becomes a free hit and the opponent will still get up stunned.

Special Moves

Reppuken - qcf+A - The short-reaching version of Geese's signature move that resembles a pillar. Combos from lights and a staple part of Geese's corner traps and lockdown. Knocks down on hit and is plus on block, though the pushback is rather noticible.

Double Reppuken - qcf+C - Geese slides forward and attacks twice. The second reppuken naturally air-combos, and there is no pushback on this move! As a tradeoff, it's more stiff on block.

Shippuken - j.qcb+P - An air fireball that maintain's Geese's momentum. This can only be performed from a jump, and has a height restriction. Travels 1/3 the screen before dissipating, so timing is important so that it actually hits or threatens the opponent. Most characters can't chase after Geese when super jumping backwards and shooting Shippuken.

Jaeiken - hcb+P - Rushing combo that's super unsafe on block, so it primarily serves as a buff combo ender for large punishes when hitconfirming isn't necessary. Only use the A version as the C one wont combo from cl.C. Can function as a raw punish in certain situations, especially when in Step mode. Causes rollable knockdown.

Hishou Nichirin Zan - dp+P - Combo ender. The weak version can combo from cr.A if you want to stay in on the opponent rather than use qcf+P. The strong version can be substituted for hcb+A for ending combos, in in Extra meter it can be ABC'd in the corner to link either DM. You can try fishing with it for an anti-air, but there's no invuln and the downward swipe can whiff crouchers, leaving Geese open to combos.

Joudan Atemi Nage - hcb+B - High counter. Slams opponent into the ground, guaranteeing a free OTG.

Chuudan Atemi Nage - hcb+D - Mid counter. Slame opponent into the ground, guaranteeing an OTG.

Gedan Atemi Nage - hcf+B - Low counter. Launches the opponent into the air in a free juggle state.

Shinkuu Nage - hcb,f+P - 1F grab that launches the opponent behind Geese. Both players recover at about the same time, so it resets the game back to neutral. Another part of Geese's offense.

Super Moves

Deadly Rave - qcf,hcb+P - Deadly Rave doesn't have an actual Deadly Rave input for once. Otherwise it's a basic ranbu and combo finisher that connects from cr.A and in certain juggles. Unsafe on block.

Raging Storm - db, hcb, df+P - The dreaded pretzel motion, which can also be input as hcb x3. Raging Storm is Geese's ultimate anti-air and combo ender. With proper buffering, reacting and comboing into this move will become easy. Deals a little more damage than Deadly Rave and forces an untechable knockdown. Can juggle in the very unlikely event you manage to land it meaty.

The Basics


  • j.C > cl.C >> hcb + P
  • j.C > cl.C >> dp + C
  • cr.B > cr.A >> qcf + C

  • cr.B > cr.A >> db hcb df + P or qcf hcb + P
  • hcf + B Counter > qcf hcb+P
  • J.C > cr.C >> db hcb df + P or qcf hcb + P

Advanced Strategy