The King of Fighters '98: Ultimate Match/EX Terry

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With shorter projectiles and rushing moves, he is generally inferior to regular Terry. The Rising Tackle charge command is annoying in comparison. Compared to his OG counterpart, EX Terry has a strengthened Crack Shoot and a new move: Round Wave.

He is basically used the same way as normal Terry. He has combos that you can just not care about if they’re blocked. Pick an opening, and attack it.

Final Edition Change List


Move list

At a glance

Normal throws
Grasping Upper (throw) f/b + C
Buster Throw (throw) f/b + D
Command moves
Back Knuckle f + A
Rising Upper df + C
Special moves
Burn Knuckle qcb + P
Power Wave qcf + P
Round Wave dp + P
Rising Tackle d (charge) u + P
Crack Shoot qcb + K
Fire Kick hcf + K
Super special move
Power Geyser qcb db f + P

Normal moves

  • st.C – has a high hitbox, so use it to check jumps. It doesn’t leave you too open, so to a slight extent it’s okay to throw this one out there.
  • st.B – long reach for zoning. Has reasonable recovery time, so don’t go whiffing it willy-nilly.
  • st.D – so-so reach, and quick startup for a strong attack. The recovery means you’re kind of open if you whiff, but it’s a force to be reckoned with if it touches the opponent in any way.
  • CD – has invincibility at foot level. Powerful to include in blockstrings.
  • j.A and j.B – excel in air-to-air.
  • j.C and j.D – use when jumping in. both does cross up well.

Command moves

  • Back Knuckle
  • f + A
  • A two hit move; only the second is cancelable. The amount of pushback has its advantages as well as its disadvantages.
  • Rising Upper
  • df + C
  • Can be cancelled without being cancelled into. Can be cancelled into from weak moves. The reach is a bit iffy, so it isn’t necessarily safe from strong attacks.

Special moves

  • Power Wave
  • qcf + P
  • A projectile that travels along the ground. The hitbox is not set down right in front (i.e., it won’t hit an opponent if you’re so close you can push them) so beware. The hitbox has been shortened from OG, so opponents can now avoid it with moves that have invincibility at the foot level.

  • Burn Knuckle
  • qcb + P
  • Rushing move; weak version travels about a third of the screen, strong version goes the whole way. If the very tip touches, you aren’t left open. The hitbox is high-priority, so you can use it for zoning, too.

  • Crack Shoot
  • qcb + K
  • A heel drop from low altitude. Less vulnerable than in OG, has a higher-priority hitbox now, too. The weak version has quick startup, so it can smash the startup of zoners and jumps. The strong version won’t even touch crouchers, but it has a hitbox in the back (during startup), so it’s a good anti-air against crossups.

  • Rising Tackle
  • dp + P
  • A multi-hit rising move that does multiple hits. It has invincible frames during startup. It is mainly used for anti-air and combos. The weak version travels straight up; the strong version advances slightly forward.

  • Fire Kick
  • hcf + K
  • Rushes in with a sliding low kick, which launches the opponent if it hits. You can cancel the second hit with Rising Tackle. The weak version has quick startup, and short recovery if it whiffs. The strong version has long reach, and is safe in combos. There is pushback if it’s blocked, but the recovery is long, so depending on the opponent you’ll likely get countered.
  • You can cancel first hit into other Special Moves.

  • Round Wave
  • dp + P
  • A projectile that isn’t launched. If it touches the opponent, it is possible to cancel into another Special Moves, itself dosnt have knock down, the recovery is long, and the hitbox is short. Beware of using this one where you don’t mean to.

Super special move

  • Power Geyser
  • qcb f + P
  • Sets up a pillar of energy like a buff Round Wave. He has full-body invincibility during startup. The hitbox is set down right in front.
  • The MAX version sets up three pillars. If the MAX version does a midair hit, the opponent may land and counterattack, so keep anti-airs with this to the normal version. The inner hitboxes are now wider, and the MAX version will now do all the hits, even in the corner.



  • j.D > cl.C (1 hit) >> Back Knuckle (2 hit) >> weak Burn Knuckle or Power Geyser (or strong Fire Kick >> strong Rising Tackle)
  • There are various other moves that will also combo, but this is probably the best. If you don’t start charging for the Rising Tackle as soon as you get out the Fire Kick, it won’t come out, so the degree of difficulty is high, but if you use the strong version of Fire Kick, it gets a little easier.
  • cr.B >> cr.A >> strong Rising Tackle
  • One combo from weak moves.
  • cr.B >> cr.A >> Rising Upper >> all sorts of special moves
  • Another combo from weak moves.
  • Fire Kick >> Round Wave >> Fire Kick >> ...
  • this isnt even a combo but beginners think its an infinite. if there is a chance you face against ppl using this, just block it and guard cancel out. or use anything has fast invincibility.


  • cr.B >> cr.A x 1~2 >> Rising Upper >> Fire Kick >> strong Rising Tackle or hyper jump j.D
  • for damage, Rising Tackle. for corner carry and better after situation, j.D
  • (Extra guage) cr.B >> cr.A x 1~2 >> Rising Upper >> Fire Kick >> abc >> Power Geyser.
  • your bnb meter combo.
  • (Extra guage, close range or cross up situation) cr.B >> cr.A >> Rising Upper >> Fire Kick (1 hit) >> storng Crack Shoot >> abc >> cl.D >> Rising Upper >> Power Geyser
  • Terry's most damaging combo. seriously, this does MASSIVE DAMAGE. you can just go for cl.D >> Rising Upper >> Fire Kick (1 hit) >> weak Burn Knuckle for easier but weaker ender.

The Basics

Terry has poor defense; he’s built around steady attacks. You can zone with lots of moves, including cr.A, st.B, weak Burn Knuckle, and Power Wave. Check jumps with st.C and seal the opponent’s movements. If they try to get the jump on you, sucker them with a strong Rising Tackle, or an early Power Geyser.

After something like cr.B is blocked, touching them with standing CD in a blockstring is powerful. Before doing this, try setting up a blockstring such that after the cr.B touches them, you try for a throw; after that, opponents who attempt to react with a low-hitting move can be very much baited into the CD. Regardless of whether it hits or is blocked, cancel with weak Burn Knuckle or weak Power Wave.

Blockstrings utilizing weak Crack Shoot are also powerful. In the middle of the screen, by canceling from Rising Upper, the very tip will hit, so from there you can clam them up with cr.A. You could also try for a throw.

The D throw does an unrollable knockdown, but that doesn’t mean Terry has lots of good wakeup meaties, so whichever throw you use isn’t going to make that much of a difference.

After moves like Burn Knuckle or Power Wave are blocked, your attacks have to stop for a little, and this will be the timing in which your opponent is able and will want to attack. Of course, it’s just better if you don’t get blocked and the countered in the first place, so be resolute in this. First, a decisive cr.A: this generally puts Terry at an advantage. After this, walk and aim for a normal throw, or cancel into a weak Crack Shoot, or jump and try to keep them on the defensive. There is the possibility they’ll be prepared with a throwing move or something in regard to the cr.A, so taking care not to overdo it, the occasional Power Geyser will work better (the startup is invincible, so however the opponent reacts, it will be pretty safe; however, the startup isn’t quick, so an opponent who would use a weak move to counter could just block it).

When it comes to wakeup meaties, using the very tip of Round Wave is strong. It’s a projectile, but it easily stuffs reversals, and cancelled into something like weak Crack Shoot or weak Burn Knuckle, you won’t be very vulnerable. However, if they don’t judge the space properly and make a mistake (like reversal rolling), this will be an effective counterattack, so do this in case they slip up.

Make them turtle with powerful attacks, play so they won’t dare attack you after your attack is over, and you’ll more or less own the pace.

Advanced Strategy