The King of Fighters '98: Ultimate Match/EX Robert

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Compared to normal Robert, his defense is stronger, but his combos and attacks are weaker.

Take advantage of his reach and: carve out territory, so the opponent cannot enter it.

Move list

At a glance

Normal throw
Ryūchōkyaku (throw) f/b + C
Kubikiri Nage (throw) f/b + D
Command moves
Ryūhanshū f + B
Kōryū Kōkyaku Geri f + A
Special moves
Ryūgekiken qcf + P
Ryūga dp + P
Hien Shippūkyaku hcb + K
Hien Ryūjinkyaku (air) qcb + K
Gen'eikyaku f b f + K
Super special moves
Haō Shōkōken f hcf + P
Ryūko Ranbu qcf hcb + P

Normal moves

  • st.D and cr.D – have dreadfully long reach. Note that the former cannot be cancelled, so don’t overuse it.
  • st.A – has long reach. Useful as a jump checker.
  • st.B – has long reach. Useful in ground zoning.
  • j.CD – has long reach; the hitbox faces horizontally, making this useful in air-to-air.

Command moves

  • Ryūhanshū
  • f + B
  • Cancelable even if not cancelled into. A pivot for his combos.

  • Kōryū Kōkyaku Geri
  • f + A
  • Overhead with long reach and invincibility against low hits. You have pretty even odds, because there will be some space according to how far away you were to begin with, making it more difficult for the opponent to counter. The startup is faster than in OG.

Special moves

  • Ryūgekiken
  • qcf + P
  • A high projectile. It can even hit opponents who’ve jumped.

  • Ryūga
  • dp + P
  • Anti-air move. The strong version has invincibility, and now launches the opponent from the first hit, so it has become a powerful anti-air and stuffer.

  • Gen'eikyaku
  • f b f + K
  • Puts a striking hitbox forward. When it hits the opponent, it locks them and performs a multiple hits. The hitbox nearly covers his whole body, so it is hard for the opponent to tap you out of it. Its reach is long, so it isn’t easy for them to get around to the other side, either. The opponent is now launched after the hits such that in the corner you can juggle with, say, Ryūga.

  • Hien Shippūkyaku
  • hcb + K
  • A kicking move that flies forward at low altitude. The strong version now has faster startup, and now also combos from weak moves. The weak version does one hit; the strong version does two.

  • Hien Ryūjinkyaku
  • qcb + K in midair
  • A kick that descends from the air. The weak version descends at a steeper angle. Robert no longer hops away when this is blocked, so using this really close to the opponent is a bad idea; rather, attack from as high as is permissible (don’t get anti-aired, of course), so that if you are blocked, you won’t be so open.

Super special moves

  • Ryūko Ranbu
  • qcf hcb + P
  • A Ranbu-type super that combos from strong attacks. It continues even if blocked. Does great damage, but it has no invincibility frames, so you have to keep it to combos most of the time.

  • Haō Shōkōken
  • f hcf + P
  • A big projectile. It has been sped up from OG, and now it safely connects combos from strong attacks. The strong version is now significantly faster than the weak version, so you can now decide on fast/slow like you can with Ryo.


  • cr.B >> cr.B >> strong Hien Shippūkyaku or strong Ryūga
  • The commands for this combo are easy to do.
  • j.D > cl.C >> Ryūhanshū >> strong Hien Shippūkyaku or Ryūko Ranbu
  • In UM, this combo is extremely safe.
  • (corner) j.D > cl.C >> Kōryū Kōkyaku Geri >> Hien Ryūjinkyaku
  • This one will probably be seen less in UM play just because the combo above is better now, but this one leaves you less open if the command move is blocked.
  • Gen'eikyaku > juggler
  • Normally, the only juggler that would work is strong Ryūga and only in the corner, but if you use quick MAX, then in the middle of the screen you can use strong Ryūga and strong Ryūgekiken, and in the corner, you can add on (Kōryū Kōkyaku Geri >>) Gen'eikyaku > strong Ryūga.

The Basics

His strong zone is where Kōryū Kōkyaku Geri and cr.D will barely hit. Keep this distance constantly if you can. To enter this distance, using j.CD so that the very tip will hit will work. Once you do this, you’ll end up in about the right spot.

Basically, zone with cr.D and st.D; use timing with st.A for threatening jumps. Sometimes, to check forward rolls, Gen'eikyaku in anticipation is effective, but if you do it too much you can expect to get it stuffed, so sometimes you will need to do other things like nothing, or like canceling into moves that won’t hurt you like Kōryū Kōkyaku Geri or weak Ryūgekiken. For UM, Gen'eikyaku has been strengthened somewhat, so you can now even use it by reading ahead to smash jumps and zoning. If the opponent doesn’t have a projectile, you can practically spam both weak and strong, just to keep them on edge.

The length of his reach is not just for defense, but also for offense. The reach of the overhead Kōryū Kōkyaku Geri and of the low-hitting cr.D is about the same, and both are long, so you can use just these for attacks if you want. If a Kōryū Kōkyaku Geri is blocked, you have two options: do it again, or do a cr.B (well, there is a third possibility; interrupting with a strong Ryūga is also okay, it’s just that you can’t always count on the opponent to stop blocking when you’re pressing them so well).

Hien Ryūjinkyaku doesn’t leave you open when the very tip hits, but many opponents will attempt a counter after it. Therefore, give them two options: strong Ryūga and something else (like a further two options between an overhead and a low hitter). If you want to cut through cleanly, cr.B is effective.

Advanced Strategy