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Terry (RBFF2)

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Terry is the most recognizable of the Fatal Fury cast. And to no one's surprise, relatively easy to play for beginners. Packing a strong offense, plus great break shots to boot. When picking up this game for the first time, you cannot go wrong with Terry.

Command Moves

Uppercut - df + A

Power Dunk - uf + B (last hit overhead)

Flying Turn Kick - f + B (low dodge)

Punt Kick - f f + C (overhead)

Gut Uppercut - A+B (avoid attack)

Power Charge - f + C (juggles)

Feint Burn Knuckle - f + B+C

Feint Power Geyser - d + B+C

Special Moves

Power Wave (BS) qcf+A (projectile.)

Round Wave (BS) qcf+C (projectile, hits in both planes.)

Crack Shoot (BS) qcb+B

Burn Knuckle (BS) qcb+A/C

Fire Kick (BS) qcf+B (juggle on hit.)

Rising Tackle charge d,u+A (standard anti-air)

Bashing Sway qcf+D (ends in the back plane)

Super Moves

Power Geyser (BS) qcb,df,f+C (S-power)

Overheat Geyser qcb,df,f+C (P-power)

Chain Combos

close 5A - | - 5B - | - 5C (Not special cancellable)
      5A - | - 2B - | - 6C (Plane shift)
      2A - |        | - 2C (Knockdown)
close 5B - |        | - 3C (Juggle; Special cancellable)
      5B - | - 5C (Special cancellable)
      2B - |
2A -> 2C (Special cancellable)
close 5B -> 5C (Special cancellable)

3A - | - 5C -> 5C (Special cancellable)
     | - 9B (Two hits, last one overhead)
     | - 2C (Knockdown)
6B (Plane shift) - | - 5D
                   | - 2D
A + B -> 6C (Doesn't combo; Not special cancellable)
Air Chains
A -> C
B -> C

The Basics

Terry's biggest disadvantage is that he has no tools to force the opponent to stand up. His only decent overhead is his dashing 6C, which is uncancellable. Because of this, an opponent who is crouch-blocking can stop most of Terry's offense.

Advanced Strategy