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| Title      = A name or label for the route. Appears in bold text.
| Oneliner   = A short, one-sentence descriptor for the route. Appears in italics.
| Difficulty = A brief descriptor of the approximate difficulty of the route. eg: Very Hard
| Damage     = Damage done by a combo. (Optional)
| Meter      = Net meter gain of a combo or sequence. (Optional)
| Anchor     = A unique anchor point within the page for linking to. (Optional)
| Youtube    = The end of the URL to a youtube video. It looks like this 7luVBKogBKk [from]. (Optional)
| Timestamp  = The timestamp (in seconds) to start a youtube video at. (Optional)
| Video      = A local video file for exemplifying the route. Currently the 2MB upload limit means this is not a viable option for most games. (Optional)
| Autoplay   = Autoplays a video on loop if one is added. Video will be muted if this is applied. (Optional)
| Recipe     = The series of inputs used to perform the combo.
| content    = Text which explains the combo, theory, and application of the combo.

All Default Values

Card TitleOne-liner text

placeholder text

Example 1

Doom Beginner Corner BnBThe first Marvel combo anyone should learn.
Damage: 733,000
Meter Gain: 1.5
2M > 2H > (5S > sJ j.M(2) > j.M(2) > j.6H > j.5S > 3XX > land 5H(2)) x 3 > jump j.236H > j.214XX

A very basic (yet still high damage) Doom corner BnB. Most of Doom's combos are simply optimized versions of this route, so it's a great place to start.

Universal and fairly easy, there are only a few common ways to mess it up. First is to make sure you do not input a direction during j.5S (footdive) as this will result in getting a TAC. Next is making sure you get the down-forward airdash after j.5S, the easiest way is to simply spam down-forward plus dash macro as fast as possible after getting your j.5S. Down airdash can also be used and is maybe slightly faster, but down-forward is good practice for getting comfortable with midscreen combos. If done so correctly you will airdash into either j.M or j.H neither of which will affect your combo. Lastly, the ender can be finnicky due to UMvC3's minimum air height on air actions. To ensure you don't try to do air beam too quickly it's easiest to either TK the beam (2369H) or whiff a rising j.L and whiff cancel that into j.236H (8 > j.L > j.236H).

This combo should work even off more scaled starters like 5L / 2L and jump-ins like j.M or j.L. You can opt to get one hit of j.M and use 5M > 6H to launch if you are worried about running into hitstun decay.

Example 2

The DHC Glitch"You understand?"
Very Hard
j.H > 3XX > j.H, land, sJ j.H > 3XX > j.H, land, sJ j.H > 3XX > j.H, land, sJ j.H > 3XX > j.H > 623XX

The DHC glitch, that means you can do a combo into another combo with a super. But that combo is not landing any combo, but when he knockdown it's still a combo. You understand?

 Template by Tarkus Lee and Emo Tarquin from Dustloop Wiki. 

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