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This template allows you to invoke universal motion icons in replacement of the old {{#motion}} parser functions used around the wiki pre-upgrade.

Template:Motion supports both 6-button and numpad notation; i.e.: qcf and 236 will render the icon.

Argument Table

Argument Result
{{Motion|1}} Db.png
{{Motion|db}} Db.png
{{Motion|2}} D.png
{{Motion|d}} D.png
{{Motion|3}} Df.png
{{Motion|df}} Df.png
{{Motion|4}} B.png
{{Motion|b}} B.png
{{Motion|5}} N.png
{{Motion|n}} N.png
{{Motion|6}} F.png
{{Motion|f}} F.png
{{Motion|7}} Ub.png
{{Motion|ub}} Ub.png
{{Motion|8}} U.png
{{Motion|u}} U.png
{{Motion|9}} Uf.png
{{Motion|uf}} Uf.png
{{Motion|236}} Qcf.png
{{Motion|qcf}} Qcf.png
{{Motion|214}} Qcb.png
{{Motion|qcb}} Qcb.png
{{Motion|623}} Dp.png
{{Motion|dp}} Dp.png
{{Motion|421}} Rdp.png
{{Motion|rdp}} Rdp.png
{{Motion|41236}} Hcf.png
{{Motion|hcf}} Hcf.png
{{Motion|63214}} Hcb.png
{{Motion|hcb}} Hcb.png
{{Motion|360}} 360.png