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SVC Chaos: SNK VS Capcom Frame Data Glossary

How much damage the attack does. This takes into account no defense modifiers, so the damage assumes a 0% damage modifier.

  • Note: Damage is a little inconsistent. Example: Geese cl.A deals 5 damage. Against Zero, sometimes it does 5 pixels of damage to his life bar, other times it does 4 pixels. Against Ryu, cl.A does 4 pixels of damage, other times it does 3 pixels of damage. This info comes from the Enterbrain Mook, but most likely this is the cause of damage modifiers skewing the damage slightly, thus making it a bit inconsistent.
  • Damage values listed are pulled from the SVC Chaos Enterbrain Mook, save Athena, Red Arremer, Serious Mr. Karate and Shin Akuma. It is listed because it's an official source for this info, just keep in mind damage is not 1-to-1 due to varying health values and screwy ways the game calculates damage anyways.
  • There will be a question mark next to the four mentioned characters because it's only a guess as to what the actual damage values are (until health and damage are better understood), since they were never gathered in the Mook.
Counter Damage

How much damage the attack does on a counter hit, or when it connects with an opponent while they're performing an attack. Counter damage values listed are pulled from the SVC Chaos Enterbrain Mook, save Athena, Red Arremer, Serious Mr. Karate and Shin Akuma.


Where the attack hits, and thus where it must be blocked.

  • Mids can be blocked standing and crouching
  • Overheads must be blocked standing
  • Lows must be blocked crouching
  • Unblockable cannot be blocked
  • Throws break through block up-close
Guard Crush

How much guard meter damage the attack does to the green Guard Gauge.


How many points of stun the attack adds to the opponent's invisible Stun Gauge.


How much meter is gained for performing/landing the attack. Special moves earn meter both when activated and when they connect with the opponent, whether it hits them or they block it.


The type of cancel the attack can perform.

  • Any - All cancel types work
  • Ch - Chain cancel; it can chain into other attacks (mostly just lights)
  • Self - Can chain only into itself
  • Cmd - Command cancel; can cancel into command normals
  • Sp - Special cancel; can cancel into special moves, and almost always this means super cancels are possible too
  • Su - Super cancel; can cancel into super moves
  • Free - Free cancel; can be cancelled in Max Mode by other special moves or super moves
  • Written only for special moves as all normals can be Free Cancelled, so writing it in for every move would be redundant
  • X - Cannot be cancelled, either outside of Max Mode or that it cannot be cancelled at all

How many frames it takes before the move becomes 'active' or has a hitbox. The SVC Chaos wiki uses classic startup notation, which does not include the first active frame. A move with 3 startup becomes active on frame 4. Super and Exceed startup will calculate both the frames before and after the super flash animation as such: X+Y, with X being the startup frames before the flash animation and Y being the startup frames after the flash animation.

  • The startup will not take into account the frames of the flash animation itself where time freezes and the opponent player cannot act.
  • Super flashes last 28 frames, whereas Exceed flashes last 27 frames.
  • Because there is currently no way to view throw boxes, it is assumed that throws/command grabs are at most 0-1 frames of startup. Truthfully, we don't actually know though.

How many frames a move remains active (can hurt opponents) for. Consecutive sets of active frames on a multi-hit move are separated by a comma. (Example: 3, 4 - The attack has its first hitbox for 3 frames, then the second hitbox for 4 frames)

  • If there is a gap between sets of active frames, the gap is denoted by a number in parentheses. (Example: 3, (2), 4 - The attack is active for 3 frames, then is not active for the next two frames, followed by being active again for 4 frames.)
  • Throw boxes are not visible either through dipswitches or the hitbox viewer so it's only a guess how active throws and command grabs are, but it's probably one active frame at most.
  • This also applies to hitbox images - they will still show the push and hurtboxes of characters but outside of that, unfortunately there is no way to depict the throw boxes at the moment.

How many frames it takes for a move to finish after it's been active.


The total number of frames the attack lasts on screen for. This adds up the startup, active, and recovery frames into one number.

Hit/Block Adv

These are frame advantage values when the attack hits or is blocked. If the number is positive, then the move will end before the defender can act again. If the number is negative, the defender will be able to act before the attacker and maybe even punish.

  • SKD refers to a soft knockdown, or a knockdown you can tech roll out of.
  • HKD refers to a hard knockdown, one that you cannot tech roll out of.
  • All frame advantages assume Ryu as the opponent. If there are variable wakeup times, it is currently unknown info.
  • Frame advantages of projectiles assumes the opponent is point blank range. Any farther and this obviously changes and/or doesn't matter.
  • Block advantage assumes no use of Guard Cancel Front Step.
  • For one, it obviously decreases the attacker's frame advantage significantly.
  • When the defender uses GCFS is also a variable factor so you cannot provide a hard answer as to what the frame advantage is after GCFS, as well as how soon they cancel GCFS into an attack.
  • Generally speaking, just assume the block advantage minus the active frames of GCFS, and that's a rough estimate of the frame advantage when GCFS is performed.
  • This doesn't really matter in most cases, since the attacker will automatically be quite minus after most attacks.

Indicates whether there's any frames of invulnerability during the attack.