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Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 is a standalone expansion for Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-, a 2D one-on-one fighting game, available on PS3, PS4, Arcade Cabinet, and PC:Steam.

REV 2 features a short list of system changes, two new characters - x24px Answer and x24px Baiken - significant changes to the game's visuals and camera, a complete rebalance of the cast, expanded story content, and new stages. Rev 2 also received Balance Patch 2.1 which introduced further changes to the cast.

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New Characters
x24px Answer is x24px Chipp Zanuff's dutiful secretary and is a ninja dressed in a business suit. He can throw business cards and teleport to their location or cause shadow clones to attack from their location. He can also set scrolls in the air and do various moves when hanging from them.
x24px Baiken returns from the XX series. She is a ronin with one eye, one arm, and a grudge against That Man for creating the Gears that maimed her and killed her family. Baiken's unique ability is to cancel her guard into attacks for free, forcing opponents to attack her in more unconventional ways.

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New Characters
x24px Kliff Undersn and x24px Justice have been formally added to the cast of playable characters. Although these characters existed in previous releases of the XX series, this is the first time that the characters are unlocked and playable from the beginning in a tournament legal fashion.
EX Characters
EX Characters are unlockable versions of characters which are not tournament legal. These characters have move sets which differ significantly from their base character. In order to select an EX character, highlight the character you wish to play on the Character Select Screen and press the Start button. For detailed information on how to unlock these characters, and the differences between them and standard characters, refer to this guide.

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