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SVC Chaos: SNK VS Capcom Quick Combo Notation Guide
  • cl. = close normal
  • st. = standing/far normal
  • cr. = crouching normal
  • X = any button
  • CH = counter hit
  • , = Used to separate attacks in the combo
  • / = Separates different options for the combo (mainly different starters or enders that are possible)
  • Unless otherwise stated (such as it's a link or you need to delay the attack), assume this is a chain/cancel.
  • Example: cr.B, cr.A, dp A ; cr.B chains into cr.A, then cr.A cancels into dp A
  • [b]~f = Indicates to charge back (or downback), then press forwards for the given special move
  • ( ) = Parentheses used to indicate the attack(s) within the parentheses are optional to add to the combo
  • (C) = Indicates a free cancel, aka a cancel only possible in Max Mode
  • (SC) = Indicates a super cancel via free canceling in Max Mode
  • (1) = Used to indicate how many hits of the attack should connect (or less than) before continuing with the combo
  • Example: cl.C(1), hcb P means that only one hit of cl.C should be performed before moving on to do hcb P, not more than one hit
  • [ ] = Used to distinguish combo loops or combo starters/etc. in case a certain attack is only possible after specific options
  • xN = Repeat the given loop for as many times as either possible or as many times as you wish