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! colspan=5 | Notation |- | colspan=5 | - |- style="line-height:1em" ! style="width:20%" | Hits ! style="width:20%" | Damage ! style="width:20%"| Meter Use |- | - | - | - |- style="line-height:1em" ! style="width:20%" | Starter ! style="width:20%"| Position ! style="width:20%"| Meter Gain |- | - | - | - |-

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This goes into Template:ComboData. Adapted from Project Justices' ComboData: Movedata doesn't play very nicely with larger embedded video sizes due to formatting for a specific image size, so this will use a very similar and recognizable format compared to movedata, but be formatted for short combo videos with large spaces for notation. This template allows for setting the Notation, Damage, Meter use, Starter, Position, Meter Gained, and Description fields into Template:ComboData. Examples here are using the Youtube alternative method; check Template:ComboData for examples on all available methods for including video, as well as further documentation.

Youtube Alt

From Template:ComboData: If you would rather use a youtube link instead of an embedded video, you may now do so by placing a link after the "|youtube=" parser. Since the purpose of this template is to show individual combos and not entire full-length videos, it's recommended that any video link should be of the singular combo described in the cell. If it isn't, then it's highly recommended you set a start time by using the "|startat=" parser. You may also set a specific endpoint for the video to stop at using the "|endat=" Parser. Once the video has ended, however, replaying the video will start from the very beginning. This is a critical reason why using videos that Only have the combo in question on display is vastly preferred over setting a start and endpoint.

Youtube Use:

|caption=Here's the caption!
|name=Here's the name!
 |Notation= {{qcf}} {{p}} {{---}} {{qcf}}{{k}}+{{k}} {{---}} {{hp}} {{---}} {{qcf}}{{k}}+{{k}} <br> (Loopable)
 |Hits= ~31
 |Meter Use="Max"
 |Meter Gain=
 |Description=Here's the Description!

Youtube Result:

Here's the name!
Here's the caption!
Qcf.png P.png ---.png Qcf.pngK.png+K.png ---.png Hp.png ---.png Qcf.pngK.png+K.png
Hits Damage Meter Use
~31 - "Max"
Starter Position Meter Gain
- - -

Here's the Description!