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Arcana Heart/Tempestas

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Tempestas “The Raging Zephyr” (Arcana of Wind)

He embodies the gracefulness of the wind and the freedom of a bird. Tempestas has found a kindred spirit in the capricious Lilica, who helped nurse him back to health when he was injured. They have since formed an inseparable bond.

This arcana focuses on movement and speed. The addition of an extra air dash and jump allows for far more mobility than the other arcana's offer.

Passive Changes

  • The character gets the ability to jump three times, and air dash twice.
  • 6D - Pushblock - Replaces the traditional 6D, instead pushes the opponent away unless he/she is doing an attack with forward momentum, where the opponent will stay in place instead.
  • 2D while in the air - Instant Drop: Quickly drops the character to the ground.

Command List

Special moves

Flax - 236D : (1500 dmg) The character throws out a projectile that goes out, then comes back to the user. The length of the projectile can be prolonged by moving away from the returning boomerang. Can be performed in the air.

  • If you get hit, the boomerang disappears.

Vertex - 214D : (1800 dmg) Summons a small whirlwind in front of the character. If the opponent gets hit, the character flies upwards to the top of the stage. Can be followed up with a homing cancel to an air combo. Can be performed in the air.

Super moves

Falcis - 236236D : (min damage - 3420, max damage - 5830 dmg) A bunch of wind boomerangs shoot out from the character. More hits can be added by pressing all of the buttons repeatedly. Can be performed in the air.

  • If done only a few character lengths away, the first 5 will hit, and then the rest will not combo. You must either be really close or decently far away for all of them to hit.

Abolere - 236ABC Super - Summon Tempestas

(Tempestras shoots across the screen. This move is extremely fast and activates almost instantly. If the opponent is stuck in an animation during the superfreeze, the opponent is more than likely to get hit. Once hit, they fly all the way to the top of the screen.

  • On block, it pushes the opponent back, but they can guard crush forward with plenty of time to punish, and you cannot homing cancel out of it.

Activation Changes

During activation the character gets four jumps and three air dashes.