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Talk:Injustice: Gods Among Us

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Hello everyone. The Injustice page has been created and it needs work. I made a basic page for it but it needs a lot of work done to it.


  • Add header buttons
  • Fill in the "in a nutshell" section on each page
  • Add movelists
  • Add a basics page
  • Someone make "cp" and "mb" icons, similar to the L, M, and H icons.
  • Fix up the main page so that it looks nicer
  • Add any other info that needs to be added
  • Fix any wrong info
  • Add more info that you think should be added
  • Add info to stages
  • Add stuff to DLC characters
  • Make Manhunter's picture smaller
  • Fix Zatanna and Zod's pictures

etc. So get to work everyone! Make the Injustice pages look good!