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Talk:Capcom vs SNK 2/Zangief

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Hehe. 1st post on the talk page :D. At any rate, I put up the posted frame data from the Everybody needs to talk about Zangief thread. I figure we should decide what we want up on the wiki in the thread, and post it en masse at the end of the week, rather than do it piecemeal on the wiki. People are more likely to read the thread, and it's easier to have discussions in the thread. But if you do decide to change anything, it would be a good idea to list what you changed/updated here.

--Viewtiful Elvis 08:32, 14 March 2007 (UTC)

Suggestions for Basic Strategy

Zenfire mentioned tick throws and running piledrivers. Zenfire has a good start for throw setups, and this should be expanded since over half of Zangief's arsenal is throws. I have a few suggestions on some other setups; they're basically throw setups except have more oomph because of SPD's zero frame startup and LP SPD's ridiculous range. Most of these are not for high calibur matches, but always fun to land:

  • roll, SPD (When your opponent has the reaction speed of a slug or attention span of a lemming.)
  • dash, SPD (Same as above, except your opponent also let you get that close.)
  • jumping attack, SPD (whiff with hk, hit early with flying squirrel, or hit later with mediums or light attacks)
  • meaty c.FP or, SPD (throw when blockstun ends)

You can also replace above SPD with Atomic Suplex. The suplex has great range like lp SPD but not zero frame. If you do a tick throw with SPD too early, you'll get a missed throw; with suplex, you'll still get a powerbomb. This is a mixed blessing - if your opponent isn't ready, they'll get powerbombed, but if your opponent is ready to punish, it's easier to punish a powerbomb startup than a missed SPD. The following are are Powerbombs executed while your opponent is in block stun:

  •>lk powerbomb (probably more useful if you can RC the powerbomb)

vknightbd 19:46, 28 March 2007 (UTC)