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Super Street Fighter IV AE/Advanced Techniques

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Kara Canceling

In Street Fighter 4, some moves can be canceled very quickly into another move which gains additional properties it otherwise might not have had. The cancel has to be done 1 frame (and only 1 frame) after the first move is inputted, and this type of cancel is known as kara canceling. Typically, the added benefit is just increased distance, and the second move is typically a throw. The pairing of a kara-canceled move with a throw is thus known as a kara throw.

Kara Cancelling Distance Comparison

Every character in the game has a move which can be kara-canceled, but each individual move typically adds a different amount of distance. Some moves actually give no distance when kara-canceled, and a few moves actually give negative distance, meaning they move the character backward.

Below is a list of the added distance gained when kara-canceling each move. This list is not exhaustive; the logic here was mainly distance, so the moves here are those with the best range. "Lenient" karas, like the ones Sagat has, are not included because they are not technically karas (they do not use the same universal mechanic like the moves in this list). They may be added at some point in the future, though.

As an example, when Vega performs his far roundhouse kara throw, he adds 0.2892 distance to his throw range (1.07), for a total of 0.2892 + 1.07 = 1.36. As a reference, the stage is 15.0 units wide, and the characters start 3.0 units apart at the beginning of the round. All numbers are truncated values (rounded down).

Moves denoted in white text can be used to kara lots of things, including throws.
Moves denoted in yellow text are special-only karas; they can be used to kara EX specials of a higher priority, supers and ultras.

1 unit = 1 big training room square

Super Street Fighter 4 AE 2012 Kara Cancel Data
Character Kara Canceled Move Distance Added
Abel close LK 0.1648
Abel far LK 0.0908
Abel crouching HK 0.1738
Adon close MK 0.3064
Adon far MK 0.0000
Adon close HK 0.0000
Adon far HK 0.0975
Akuma close HP 0.1260
Akuma far HP 0.1777
Akuma close HK 0.2935
Akuma far HK 0.0406
Balrog Any Dash Punch (L/M/H) 0.1100
Balrog Any Dash Punch (EX) 0.1200
Blanka close LP -0.0090
Blanka far LP 0.2175
Blanka Forward Hop 0.2213
Cammy close MK 0.0000
Cammy far MK 0.0646
Cammy crouching MK 0.0306
Chun-Li forward+MK 0.0600
Chun-Li Hazanshu (H) 0.0700
Chun-Li Lightning Kicks (EX) 0.2000
Cody close HK 0.1020
Cody far HK 0.1347
C. Viper close HK 0.0000
C. Viper far HK 0.0031
C. Viper Burning Kick (H) 0.0600
C. Viper Burning Kick (EX) 0.0700
Dan Dankukyaku (L/M/H) 0.0206
Dee Jay close MP 0.0000
Dee Jay far MP 0.0176
Dee Jay close MK 0.1384
Dee Jay far MK 0.0000
Dee Jay crouching MP 0.0206
Dhalsim crouching HK (slide) 0.0127
Dudley standing HP 0.0699
Dudley Machinegun Blow (H) 0.4415
Dudley Machinegun Blow (EX) 0.5415
E. Honda Hundred Hand Slap (H) 0.1200
El Fuerte close MK 0.0000
El Fuerte far MK 0.0111
El Fuerte close HK 0.0164
El Fuerte far HK -0.0253
Evil Ryu close HP 0.0000
Evil Ryu far HP 0.2204
Evil Ryu close HK 0.1853
Evil Ryu far HK 0.0764
Evil Ryu crouching MK 0.3500
Evil Ryu forward+MK 0.1320
Evil Ryu Axe Kick (L) 0.3915
Fei Long close HK 0.0000
Fei Long far HK 0.1022
Fei Long forward+MK 0.0176
Fei Long Rekkaken (H) 0.1668
Gen (Mantis) close / far MK 0.2588
Gen (Crane) close / far MP 0.0502
Gen (Crane) crouching MP 0.0625
Gouken close MK 0.1525
Gouken far MK 0.0515
Gouken close HK 0.0000
Gouken far HK 0.1913
Guile close MP 0.0000
Guile far MP 0.1864
Guile close MK (neutral) 0.2547
Guile far MK (neutral) 0.0000
Guile crouching HK 0.1246
Guile Flash Kick (ALL) 0.2373
Guy close MP 0.0311
Guy far MP 0.1350
Guy close HK 0.2567
Guy far HK 0.0060
Guy downforward+HK 0.0732
Guy Hozanto (EX) 0.1456
Hakan forward+HP 0.0238
Hakan (not oiled) Oil Rocket (ALL) 0.1200
Hakan (oiled) Oil Rocket (ALL) 0.1002
Ibuki standing MK (neutral) 0.1749
Ibuki crouching MP 0.2187
Ibuki Kasumi Gake (ALL) 0.2500
Juri close MP 0.1745
Juri far MP 0.2661
Ken forward+MK 0.4126
Ken forward+HK 0.3253
Makoto forward+LK 0.3356
M. Bison close MK 0.0253
M. Bison far MK 0.0000
Oni standing HK 0.2421
Oni back+MP 0.2054
Rose crouching HP 0.0197
Rufus close HK 0.0500
Rufus far HK -0.0426
Rufus Galactic Tornado (L) 0.0495
Rufus Galactic Tornado (EX) 0.0711
Ryu close HK 0.1853
Ryu far HK 0.1036
Sagat close MK 0.1201
Sagat far MK 0.0000
Sagat forward+LK 0.0392
Sakura close / far LK 0.0539
Sakura close HP 0.1948
Sakura far HP -0.0149
Sakura crouching HP 0.1056
Sakura forward+MK 0.0191
Sakura Shouoken (EX) 0.1000
Seth close LK 0.0000
Seth far LK 0.0882
T. Hawk crouching HK 0.0045
Vega close / far HK 0.2892
Yang close / far HK 0.1036
Yang Mantis Slash (H) 0.1886
Yun close / far LK 0.0000
Yun close / far LK (Genei Jin) 0.3500
Yun close MP 0.1779
Yun close MP (Genei Jin) 0.0000
Yun far MP 0.1218
Yun close MK 0.0443
Yun close MK (Genei Jin) 0.0000
Yun far MK 0.1778
Yun crouching MK 0.1703
Yun crouching MK (Genei Jin) 0.1530
Yun forward+MK 0.1683
Yun Lunge Punch (L, Normal and Genei Jin) 0.3659
Yun Shoulder (L) 0.2167
Yun Shoulder (L) (Genei Jin) 0.3404
Yun Shoulder (M) 0.1685
Yun Shoulder (M) (Genei Jin) 0.3704
Yun Shoulder (EX) 0.2467
Zangief close HK 0.0000
Zangief far HK 0.2206
Zangief Banishing Flat (L) 0.1300