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Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo/Ryu/Combos

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This section lists useful combos that are plausible for match play. Combos that end in a hadouken can use either the blue or red versions, and may knock down if the red version is used.

Ryu Combo 1.png

Bread & Butter

  •, xx fp hadouken
  • j.fp, cr.fp xx fp hadouken
  •, st.fp xx fp hadouken

Meaty Combos

  • meaty f + fp, cr.fp xx hadouken
  • meaty f + fp,, (xx fp hadouken if blocked)
  • meaty, (xx fp hadouken if blocked)
  • meaty, xx hadouken

Crouching Opponent Only

  • f + mp,
  • cross up, f + fp, cr.fp xx fp hadouken

Cross Up Only

  • cross up,, xx fp hadouken (this combo also works in corner w/o the crossup)
  • cross up,, (hit-confirm) xx fp shoryuken

Corner Only

  • meaty, xx fp hadouken
  • meaty jab hadouken, (walk up if needed) cr.rh
  • meaty jab hadouken, strong or fierce hadouken
  • meaty jab hadouken, super


  • (2 hits), (xx hurricance kick for meter)
  • (2 hits), (1 hit), super (2 hits)
  • (2 hits), super (3 hits)
  • anti-air super (2 hits), (xx hurricane kick to regain some meter)

If you use super as anti-air and it hits three or four times, you can not combo jumping strong punch after it.

Super Combos

  • Any of the above combos that end with a crouching move xx hadouken can be modified to end with a super instead. To cancel a crouching normal into Ryu's super, press the button for the normal at the beginning of the second fireball motion for the super. Examples:
    • xx super (↓↘→, ↓ + mk, ↘→ + Jab)
    • cr.fp xx super (↓↘→, ↓ + Fierce, ↘→ + Jab)
    •, xx super (↓ + mp, pause, ↘→ ,↓ + Forward, ↘→ + Jab)
    • j.Fierce/Roundhouse, cr/st.Fierce xx super (↓↘→ + Fierce in the air, ↓/neutral + Fierce, ↓↘→ + Strong)

In order to cancel a punch into super, you have to pause for a split second before pressing the button, or you will get a hadouken instead of a normal. If using a kick, instead of pausing, you can just walk forward. This can be used to do walk-up cr.forward xx super.

-Goryus 18:44, 22 May 2007 (UTC)

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