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Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo/Ken/Combos

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Some New Ken Combos that are useful in match play.

Bread and Butter

*9MK/HK/HP > 2MK > 236K

A simple 3 hit combo. If you're on the ground, you can just start from MK. You can also substitute the Crazy Kick for a Hadoken or a Shoryuken, but the Hadoken does less damage and Shoryuken is tricky since the input can potentially overlap with Ken's QCDF Crazy Kick.

9LP/HP > 214K > 5/2HK

A jump in combo with an Air Tatsu in there. Since Ken's Tatsus have a 50% chance of being unblockable, this can be a devious combo to push out. You'll also get a lot of frame advantage out of Iow air Tatsus, so walk up throws are also a viable strategy if you don't want to commit to the Roundhouse.

Against standing wider characters, you can potentially substitute the HK for a 2LK > 236K for a 4 hit combo.

2LK > 2LK > 6236P+LK

Requires an unorthodox Chain Cancel to perform off, but is a very powerful hit confirm if you can do it.

9LK/LP/MK > 2MP > 2HK

If you buffer a Shoryuken in between this combo, you can unleash it if your opponent attempts to counter the jump-in. If you don't do that, 2MP can be linked with 2HK for the extra damage. If a Shoryuken is too predictable, you can always go for a throw or a bait instead. Do not cancel the Roundhouse into a projectile if the enemy has a horizontal Super ready.

Meaty Combos

Meaty 2MK > 2MK > 236K

This combo only works on standing characters, but you can also just link the first 2MK into a sweep if you're feeling lazy. You'll still knock them down, do decent damage, and hit em when they're crouching.

Standing Opponent Only

2LP > 5LP > 623P

Only works on standing characters. Interesting to use against characters who become vulnerable near you (During Boxer's glitched super, for example). Might be able to add another 2LP against crouching characters.

Cross-Up Only

9MK/ > 2MP/5HP > 623LP

Hit confirm the jumping attack to cancel into a jab Shoryuken for major damage and a knockdown, or apply mixups if it's blocked.

9MK/ > 2MP > 2MK > 236K

Only works against wide characters like Guile, Dhalsim, or Zangief. Against other characters, switch the 2MK with a 2LK and it'll still combo. Only works on standing characters.

If you wanna get REAL fancy, skip the MP, just do a crouching Short, and do a hold QCF.

9MK/ > 2MP > 236[HK] (hold) > 2HK

Very strong combo that almost always dizzies or leaves the opponent one hit away from dizzy. Your main crossup combo on Zangief and Fei Long. Requires an extremely tight microwalk for the crHK to land on the rest of the cast, won't work on Blanka.

Super Combos

9HK > Super

Very simple super combo, can hitconfirm into it from the 9HK, sometimes you gotta keep things dead simple.

2LK > 2LK > 236236LK + LP

A VERY important combo. Deals high damage if the kicks hit, or you can just apply mixups if they're blocked. Make sure you Chain Cancel into the Super. Be careful with doing this on Chun-Li as if the shorts aren't hit at point blank range it will drop on her because of how thin she is.

9MK > 2LK > 2LK > 236236LK + LP

The above combo except it's a crossup. Remember to execute the chain cancel patiently, and practice a lot.

9HK > 2LK > 2LK > 236236LK + LP

Works on a good chunk of the cast off of a non-crossup jump-in

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