Super Smash Bros. Brawl/Zero Suit Samus

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In a nutshell

Zero Suit Samus ranks 12th in the C Tier on the current Brawl tier list; she has an amazing air and juggle game, great spacing tools in Plasma Whip and down smash (down smash, because of its hitstun, can easily be followed by another attack), High.png vertical aerial mobility, and some of the game's most versatile recovery. However, her defensive game is poor, lacking safe options on shield, and despite her rather good air game, she lacks options for enemies below her, which creates a weakness to long range hitstun-inducing projectiles from the likes of Pit, Falco, and Sheik. Zero Suit Samus is also reliant on tether recoveries, though some options in her specials can allow her to Counter.png this. This leads to rather average to above-average matchups across the board, but this also causes Zero Suit Samus to suffer against higher tiered characters.

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