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Super Smash Bros. Brawl/Mr. Game & Watch

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In a nutshell

He is currently ranked as 13th on Brawl’s tier list, which is huge leap from Melee (where he is currently 22nd). This is mainly due to how much he benefits from Brawl’s new physics, such as how he cannot be comboed easily anymore. His fast and disjointed tilts and aerials, powerful and quick smash attacks, an occasional OHKO, and Bucket Braking combine to give Mr. Game & Watch many improved gameplay elements. However, Mr. Game & Watch suffers from a relatively poor approach due to High.png ending lag from his aerials and an unreliable projectile. Most notably, Mr. Game & Watch has problems dealing with disjointed hitboxes; as most top tiered characters have powerful disjointed hitboxes, such as Snake, Marth and especially Meta Knight, this leads to rather poor matchups against the highest tiered characters, though Mr. Game & Watch does have some average to above-average matchups against other higher tiered characters, and in general, he has good matchups against most other characters in the game.

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