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Super Smash Bros. Brawl/Luigi

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In a nutshell

Luigi is ranked 25th on the current tier list. Luigi has an amazing air game and a good ground game and has great kill power (notably f-smash and Super Jump Punch). However, his recovery is predictable and punishable, has RCO lag, and he has a very hard time approaching, due to having very poor reach and speed in his attacks, resulting in near-unfavorable matchups. He is a character who tends to run hot and cold. If he's able to get within close distance of an opponent so that he can land his blows, he's extremely dangerous. But his abysmal approach and his poor reach leave him at a clear disadvantage if opponents can time their attacks to keep him out of range. He operates well on both the ground and in the air, but Luigi's issues with range and his overall shaky defensive game make him tough to deploy successfully.

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