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In a nutshell

Lucario is ranked 10th on the current tier list due to its great air game (equipped with an amazing aerial set), and great edgeguarding game, along with many favourable matchups. Some attacks, such as its dair, and its overall great defense game (one of the best) allows Lucario to also have great approach and defense options. However, its floatiness causes it to be an easy target for juggling. Lucario also has a non-damaging third jump; while its recovery has many options, it's still relatively easy to edgeguard. Lucario's Aura property also acts as a double-edged sword; while its KOing power goes up while getting damaged, this also means for Lucario to be at its strongest, it must raise its own damage percentage, making it considerably easier to KO. At the beginning of stocks especially, Lucario has reduced options, due to starting with no damage. Regardless, Lucario in general has above-average matchups against most characters.

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