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In a nutshell

Kirby ranks 19th on the current tier list - which is much higher than his rank in the bottom tier in Super Smash Bros. Melee, thanks to his above average matchups, good combos, and excellent recovery. However, his poor endurance, poor movement speed, difficulty dealing with camping, and his generally poor matchups against top and High.png tier characters have prevented him from reaching High.png tier.

Frame Data

Standard Attack Analysis

Ground Attacks

  • Neutral attack: Vulcan Jab - Two punches, followed by a rapid flurry of punches that release shock waves. Similar to Vulcan Jab from his Fighter Ability. Does (2%, 3%, 1%, 1%, 1%...). Has great comboing potential if used into a wall. Hitbox out on frame 3.
  • Dash attack: Break Spin - Spins on his hands, while kicking with his feet. Multiple hits. Break Spin from his Yo-yo Ability from Kirby Super Star. Has high priority and is useful for clearout. Five hits of 2% damage with little, set knockback that traps the opponent in the attack, then another final hit that has more knockback to it; little KO potential, does 4%. Start-up of 12 frames.
  • Forward tilt - A quick long ranged roundhouse kick. Can be angled upward or downward. Does 7% damage. Hits on frame 5-8.
  • Up tilt - Quickly raises one leg vertically from behind. A good juggling move. The damage depends on the opponent's position from Kirby. Does 5% if near Kirby, 7% if above or side-by-side from Kirby. Hits on frame 4-9.
  • Down tilt - Crouches low and delivers a long ranged low kick. Good chance that it will trip opponents. Inflicts usually 6-7%. Hits on frame 4-6.
  • Side smash: Spin Kick - Lunges forward and delivers a very long range jump kick that moves Kirby forward. Can be angled. High knockback and executes quickly. It has high enough priority to pierce Meta Knight's Mach Tornado. This is clearly derived from Kirby Super Star, where a nearly identical move called "Spin Kick" can be used by Kirby with the Fighter copy ability. It also looks exactly like an uncharged dash with Jet Kirby in Kirby Super Star. Inflicts 15%-21%. Does weaker damage if hit at the end of the attack (11%-18%). Hits on frame 12-20.
  • Up smash - Does a short backflip while doing an upward kick. Decent range, and high knockback. Does 15%-21% damage. Weaker damage if the opponent is hit as Kirby puts his feet on the ground (12%-17%). Hits from frame 14 to 25.
  • Down Smash - Splits his legs apart and spins around rapidly. A simultaneous down smash. Usually a vertical knockback, if the opponent is close to Kirby and has good range. The hitboxes on the tips of his feet push opponents away as a semi-spike, which is very useful for edgeguarding. Does 14%-19% damage. Hits on frame 10-21.
  • Ledge attack - Flips over the edge and kicks. 6%.
  • 100% Ledge attack - Gets up and then uses a move similar to his down smash. 6%.
  • Floor attack - Gets up, then kicks on one side, then the other. 5-6%.
  • Trip attack - Gets up then spins around, kicking. 6%

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral aerial - Spins in place, dealing damage with his arms and legs. Has a long duration with multiple separate hits. One hit (per foe): 6%-12% damage, depending on when it lands, with little knockback. Usually to put some space between the opponent. Start-up 10 frames.
  • Forward aerial: Triple Kick - Does three spin kicks, with good knockback on the last kick. Kirby could do this move with the Fighter ability in his series. Three hits: the first hit does 4% damage and has very little knockback. The second hit does 3% damage and has even less upward knockback than the first; it has the least knockback, damage, and range of the three. The last hit does 5% damage and has the most knockback, though still little. First hit on frame 10-11, second hit on 17-18 frames and final hit on frame 27-28.
  • Back aerial: Fence Of Pain - Quickly crouches in midair then kicks his legs behind him. High knockback and has Sex Kick properties. There is a sweetspot on this move, just on Kirby's feet tips as it comes out, which deal slightly higher knockback than the rest of his feet. The move has very low start-up lag (6 frames). Slight disjointed hitbox. 12% in the first frames, 6% for later frames.
  • Up aerial: Does a flip kick in midair, similar to his Up smash. Can KO mid to high-percentage opponents. Does 10% damage. Hits on frame 10-15.
  • Down aerial: Drill Kick - Kirby's famous Drill Kick. The tip has a weak meteor smash. Alone, the meteor smash is useless against all but characters with very weak recoveries (such as Ganondorf or Link). However, when done multiple times, or used with a footstool jump, it can be a deadly edgeguarding tool. Does 3% per hit, 18% total. Hitbox out on frame 18 and it ends on frame 33.

Grabs and Throws

Note: When Kirby misses a dash grab, he enters an animation similar to when he misses an enemy with the "suplex" ability in Kirby Super Star.

  • Pummel - A quick punch, although slow for a pummel of 1%. Does 1% damage per hit.
  • Forward throw - "Pile Driver" from Kirby's Suplex ability in Kirby Super Star and Backdrop from "Adventure". Kirby rises slowly in the air, while flipping, then slams the opponent down. Incredible combo potential. This move can lead into combos dealing up to 45% or higher depending on the character's weight and falling speed. Can chaingrab some characters. Does 8% damage.
  • Back throw - "Big Suplex" from Kirby's Suplex ability in Kirby Super Star. Quickly flips backwards and slams opponent head-first into the ground. Does 8% damage.
  • Down throw - "Fury Stomp" from Kirby's Suplex ability in Kirby Super Star. Kirby throws his victim into the ground, and then stomps on them several times quickly. Meta Knight has the same throw, but with more horizontal knockback, and slower stomping. Can chain grab fast fallers like Sheik or Fox at low damages. Does 12% damage.
  • Up throw - "Air Drop" from Kirby's Ninja ability in Kirby Super Star and his Backdrop from "Adventure". Kirby flies off the top of the screen, and comes back down violently in an explosion, like a Warp Star item. Somewhat average knockback. Meta Knight shares this move as well except without the explosion and inflicts more damage but less knockback. Does 10% damage.

Special Attack Analysis

Basic Strategies

Advanced Strategies


Serious Advantage Match-ups

Sheik, C.Falcon

Advantage Match-ups

Fox, Zelda, Luigi, Ness, Yoshi, PT, Lucas, Mario, Bowser, Samus, Link, Puff, Ganon

Fair Match-ups

Diddy, Falco, Pikachu, D3, Wolf, Peach, DK, ROB, Pit, Sonic, Ike

Disadvantage Match-ups

MK, Snake, Marth, Wario, Olimar, Lucario, ZSS, G&W, T.Link

Serious Disadvantage Match-ups