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In a nutshell

Donkey Kong is the second heaviest character in the game and is one of the fastest heavyweights, which give him surprising mobility. He has attacks that are well ranged as well as powerful finishers. Donkey Kong's main weaknesses is having a large hurtbox and having no projectile or a reliable way of dealing with them. This forces him to approach his opponents most of the time to get attacks, while risking getting chaingrabbed. DK has excellent specials, with the fast-charging Giant Punch, the Hand Slap with it's great grounded range and Spinning Kong's super armor/invincibility. Donke Kong has his Bair as a useful spacing tool as well as his tilts on the ground. When it comes to KOing, DK has fast but strong smashes and his Giant Punch making him a threat at High.png percentages. Donkey Kong ranks in the E tier, 18th overall, due to his well rounded attacks, good mobility, good range and incredible finishers (namely a fully charged Giant Punch); however, being a candidate for infinite chain grabs as well as problems dealing with certain projectiles are the reasons for his drop from being a High.png tier character from the first Brawl tier list to his current position.

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