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SuperCombo Wiki:Roadmap/SVC

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65% complete

In Progress / Completed To-do
  • Modern tier list added.
  • Proofread everything and fix English (Adding parentheses everywhere like this is incredibly unnatural to read)
  • Change notation to match other SNK wikis for easier readability/consistency
  • Remove everything that is in first person (this is bad practice in general, especially with all the 'in my opinion' comments); change it to second person
  • Reformat everyone's pages to modern format (Geese's will be the example to follow)
  • General cleanup; add more to FAQ
  • Clean up info on character pages (it's good info... but a lot of it is also pretty outdated)
  • Transfer damage values in the Arcadia Extra Mook onto the character pages
  • Also need to figure out damage values for SMK, Shin Akuma, Athena, RA because the Mook does not include this info, unfortunately.
  • Use this page as a reference for a good looking wiki
  • Hitboxes missing (slowly being gathered as of writing)
  • Once hitboxes are gathered, go the extra mile of gathering hitbox images further to list hitbox phases
  • Frame data missing
  • Matchup info missing
  • Calculate and verify the tiers of health (The wiki never makes a clear example of what constitutes "good/high health" but only "low/bad health." The differences in health are also slightly exaggerated and for the most part, not as serious as the wiki makes it out to be, save a few egregious examples. Shin Akuma's page used to say he had "slightly more" health than normal Akuma but upon labbing and calculating the difference in damage, "slightly" is an understatement. Math will need to be done across the board to calculate health/damage values)
  • In other words, calculate damage modifiers