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I'll include the links to commonly used wiki pages (uploads, files, new editor guide, etc), link resources we use, answer questions like our file naming convention, best practices, how to upload multiple files with categories, etc. Basically any question that we ask here, I'll post an answer to as a reference so we don't dig through pins and chats.


Useful Wiki editing links

Where to upload and find files

File Naming Convention

MVC2 CharName Movename.png

MVC2 CharName art.png

MVC2 CharName portrait.png

The most important part is that the files all begin with MVC2 and are consistently named in their category.

When uploading files, check all the files and then add the tag

 [[Category: Marvel Vs. Capcom 2]]

How to bulk rename files

How to bulk resize images

Useful MVC2 Resources

Code Block

Character Intro and top of the page Codeblock

{{MVC2 Character Intro|char= Name of char goes here|full=Full name of char goes here|short=Short version of their name goes here|content=
== Story ==
*Story of char goes here
== Gameplay ==
{{2 Column Flex|flex1=6|flex2=4
{{Content Box|content=
*Gameplay breakdown goes here
{{Content Box|content=
<center><youtube>Link for youtube video goes here</youtube></center>

Move Data Codeblock

 |Special Property= 
 |Adv. Hit= 
 |Adv. Guard= 
 |Adv. Pushblock= 
 |description= Placeholder text