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Birthplace: Mukai (The Demon World)
Birthdate: Unknown (Rumor has it he's over a thousand years old.)
Height: 5 shaku, 6 sun: 170 cm (5'6")
Measurements: N/A
Weight: 16 kanme: 60 kg (132 lbs.)
Blood type: Demon type B
Weapon: Rudra no wa (the bracelet of Rudra)
Fighting style: The way of god
Likes: "Fools who worship me."
Dislikes: "Philistines who worship me."
Flaws: "You dare suggest I have any?!"
Idol(s): "I worship myself..."
Philosphy on the sword: "The perfect opportunity to display my godly powers."
Time of peace: "When I look up to the heavens and hear my name chanted..."
Perferable Soulmate: "A divinity like me..."
First Appearance: Samurai Shodown V

"I'm almost positive I sensed evil energy from this area....was it just my imagination?", a ninja of the Kazama clan wonders. Having been ordered by his clan to search in this area in regards to rumors of a demon, he had come to investigate. Using his Ki to scan the area, he found nothing.


The water in the lake behind him begin to stir. It then moved as if it were alive, engulfing him; it covered his body and proceeded to enter his mouth and ears, causing him to compulse and make a startling transformation...

The demon god Suija had taken over the ninja's being; he had been freed by Kuraki-sumeragi's energy, and his reign started anew. "Kuraki-sumeragi, your is a perfect sacrifice for the start of a new age." Suija was determined to take the spell of Jinma-Itai.

Suija is the carbon copy of Segoetsu's bust form from Samurai Showdown 4. With the only exception all of his moves must now be done in mid-air.

Regular Moves

Special Moves

Shizuki "Moon of Death"
QCB + A or B or AB(in air only) A mid-air flying dive that will lead to a throw if it connects

Shougetsu "Soaring Moon"
DB,QCF + A or B or AB(in air only) In mid-air Suija spins radily in a circle.

Getsurin Ha "Full Moon Wave
B,D,DB + A or B or AB(in air only) Suija will launch water porjectiles at the opponent. The strength of the button used determines how many will be released.

Engetsu "Full Moon"
F,D,DF + A or B or AB(in air only) Suija surrounds himself in a bubble which negates any projectiles thrown at him.

Kuchuu Idou
Press any direction after Engetsu(in air only)

Rage Moves

Tenshou Suichuu Ha "Heavenly Submerged Impulses"
QCF + CD(in air only) Suija will stop in mid-air and pillars of water will rapidly rotate around him.