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Street Fighter X Tekken/Rolento

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Sfxt rolento face.jpg

Ideal Team Position: Point

Rolento excels in neutral, where he can pester the opponent with knives and long ranged pokes. He's notorious for being a monster in neutral, and being an even bigger monster once he knocks you down even once. His j.d+mk is a nasty mixup tool that Rolento gets great mileage off of, even if his opponent guesses right and blocks. His pressure is nothing short of relentless, as he can stay from far away and constantly throw knives, or he can use his several mixup options to stay in or bait a reversal. He does have a bit of trouble if he gets knocked down himself thanks to his poor reversal and low health, but this issue is hardly a problem when Rolento controls the entire match. Rolento is a strong neutral character based around long ranged pokes and tricky movement to keep the opponent out while letting himself get in, making him a good pick as a point character.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Great normals for poking and picking up long ranged combos.
  • Lengthy combos with great corner carry allow him to easily burn time while pushing the opponent's disadvantage.
  • Pogo stick (j.d+mk) is a great mixup tool that can be used after almost all of his knockdowns.
  • Great movement options with pogo stick, Delta Escape, and Delta Attack allow him to approach many scenarios in various different ways and always remain ambiguous during pressure.
  • Pariot Circle (qcf+p) is a safe tag cancel on block and leads to a combo on hit.
  • is a one button anti-air that will beat most jump-ins clean.
  • Very low solo damage output.
  • His only attack reversal outside of super, EX Patriot Circle, is incredibly slow at 18 frame startup.
  • Lower than average health at 930.
  • No basic hit confirm combo starting from a low attack as cr.LK is only +2 on hit.


Normal Attacks

Standing Light Punch
Standing Medium Punch
Standing Hard Punch
Standing Light Kick
Standing Medium Kick
Standing Hard Kick
Close Hard Punch
(near opponent) Hp.png
Crouching Light Punch
D.png + Lp.png
Crouching Medium Punch
D.png + Mp.png
Crouching Hard Punch
D.png + Hp.png
Crouching Light Kick
D.png + Lk.png
Crouching Medium Kick
D.png + Mk.png
Crouching Hard Kick
D.png + Hk.png
Jump Light Punch
Ub.png / U.png / Uf.png + Lp.png
Jump Medium Punch
Ub.png / U.png / Uf.png + Mp.png
Jump Hard Punch
Ub.png / U.png / Uf.png + Hp.png
Jump Light Kick
Ub.png / U.png / Uf.png + Lk.png
Jump Medium Kick
Ub.png / U.png / Uf.png + Mk.png
Jump Hard Kick
Ub.png / U.png / Uf.png + Hk.png

Unique Attacks

Trick Rod
F.png + Mk.png
Spike Rod
air D.png + Mk.png
Trick Landing
3k.png on landing


Colonel Carrier
F.png or N.png + Lp.png + Lk.png
Deadly Package
B.png + Lp.png + Lk.png

Special Moves

Dp.png + K.png---.pngP.png
Knockdown.png on Ex.png
Mekong Delta Attack
P.png while landing
Mekong Delta Air Raid
Qcb.png + P.png---.pngP.png
Mekong Delta Escape
Qcb.png + K.png---.pngP.png or K.png
Patriot Circle
Qcf.png + P.png
can be repeated
2 additional times
Knockdown.png on 3rd hit of 3rd chain
Ex.png gains invincibility
Ex.png cannot be repeated

Super Combo

Patriot Sweeper
Qcf.png + 3p.png

Move Analysis

Normal Moves

Rolento's most notable normal moves are the following:

  • far st.LP - The far version of st.LP has additional frame advantage on block compared to the close version. This can allow for some frame trapping into itself or other moves, and can be converted into a combo on hit.
  • st.MP - Great anti-air that beats most jumping attacks.
  • far st.HP - Rolento's best normal poke for playing neutral. Fantastic range and is a disjointed hitbox, limiting your chances of getting whiff punished. This move also hits twice at specific ranges, adding extra damage or giving time to hit confirm into a launcher.
  • far st.MK - Another great poke, this move has slightly less range than far st.HP and does not offer the disjointed hitbox, but is slightly faster and does not rely on being at a specific range to get the max damage from it.
  • cl st.HK - Fairly fast for a heavy at 7 frames of startup, this move is plus on block to frame trap from, and can also link into his cr.MK on hit for combos. Can be used as a hit confirm that does not risk getting beaten with a raw launcher.
  • cr.LP - Slightly slow for a light attack as it takes 5 frames to startup, but offers great frame advantage on hit or block. Great for hit confirming into cr.MK.
  • cr.MP - 9 frame startup makes it very slow for a medium attack, however, this move has a very large amount of frame advantage on hit or block and hits 3 times, allowing for very easy hit confirms, or opens up extra frame trapping options on block.
  • cr.MK - Low attack with decent range and is special cancelable, this will be the normal you hit confirm into to go into his Patriot Circle combos.
  • cr.HK - Great sweep attack as it is very long range thanks to being a slide, and is quite fast at 9 frames startup. If this move is spaced properly, it can be safe on block vs a large amount of characters.
  • j.LP - When st.MP is failing during certain matchups, j.LP is another anti airing tool to choose from. This move is very quick to start and has decent range, making it a good choice for air-to-airing. On counter hit, like just about any other jumping attack, this will put the opponent in a float state, allowing for follow-up combos when you reach the ground.
  • j.HP - Great jumping attack thanks to it's large hitbox. This move is also disjointed, making for a very annoying attack to anti air with normals that do not crush aerials.
  • j.MK - This is Rolento's cross-up jumping attack, can be used to mix-up opponents and convert into combos.

Unique Attacks

  • Trick Rod - Airborne on frames 3-20, knocks down airborne opponents.
  • Spike Rod - Rolento attacks straight down with his rod while falling, then bounces back up in the direction you hold (neutral, forward, or backward). This can be used in several ways, some of which including: extra distance on a forward/backward jump, baiting anti airs, avoiding fireballs, following your opponent's forward roll on their wakeup or getting a cross up if they don't roll, etc.
  • Trick Landing - Similar to Spike Rod in that he bounces off his rod in a direction of your choosing, however this move is not an attack, and is a much smaller bounce, making it a lower commitment.

Normal Throws

  • Colonel Carrier - Neutral / forward throw. Leaves opponent at roughly a full screen away. Does not give enough frame advantage to get any set ups off of it, but can be a good way to reset neutral which is where Rolento wants to be.
  • Deadly Package - Back throw. Similar to his neutral throw in that it leaves the opponent roughly a full screen away (slightly closer than neutral throw), and does not allow enough frame advantage to get set ups off of.

Special Moves

  • Stinger - Rolento jumps straight upwards and can follow up with an angled knife throw by pressing any punch button. The strength of button pressed determines how high Rolento jumps (light kick jumping the lowest), as well as the angle at which the knife is thrown (medium throwing at roughly a 45 degree angle, light throwing closer to himself, and heavy throwing further away). This can be a great tool to complement Rolento's midrange zoning as he can chip the opponent from full screen to potentially force them to approach. While the knife will be destroyed by fireballs if they collide, it can still make for a good anti-fireball tool as Rolento leaps far above where most fireballs can reach and can hit or chip the opponent with the knives, again possibly forcing them to approach rather than relying on fireball zoning.

The EX version of this attack throws three knives instead of one, increasing the damage, and granting a knockdown on hit.

  • Mekong Delta Attack - Starts with a leap back then does a forward rolling attack if a punch button is pressed, the strength of the button pressed determines how far Rolento moves forward during the roll. While this move is -8 on block, there is a substantial amount of pushback, making it difficult if not impossible for most characters to punish. The damage for this move is very low for the amount of startup it has, and with how telegraphed the move is, makes it very easy for the opponent to punish with a number of options, making this move seemingly have limited uses.

The EX version of this move has projectile invulnerability during the roll, making it a safe, full screen anti-fireball tool to help you get in on the opponent when needed. If you have the meter to spare, you can tag cancel the EX attack to easily combo with your partner.

  • Mekong Delta Air Raid - Quickly roll backwards, strength of button determines how far Rolento will roll back, press a punch button during this roll to cancel into a forward leaping overhead attack that you can combo from on hit. The follow-up attack has very slow startup making it reactable, and is unsafe on block at -4, making it unreliable as a mixup tool; however the rolling part of the move does still have uses as you can cancel into it from something like a jab to quickly gain considerable distance away from the opponent which can play into one of Rolento's strengths of eating away at the timer.

The EX version of this move has projectile invulnerability on both the roll and the follow-up, making it another option to get in on opponent's that are trying to zone / poke you with projectiles.

  • Mekong Delta Escape - A versatile mobility move, Rolento quickly leaps to the wall behind him and then jumps off of it, you can adjust how near or far from the wall he jumps to by holding left or right. This move can be used to quickly retreat from the opponent, or jump right back in on them to begin pressuring, as well as baiting anti-airs by combining this with his Spike Rod move.

The EX version of this move has full invulnerability until he reaches the wall, which makes this a potentially low risk reversal option at mid screen, but in the corner the opponent can hit Rolento before he leaps away off the wall.

  • Patriot Circle - This attack is Rolento's main combo tool as the final part of this 3 part move will launch the opponent in the air, allowing for a meterless juggle combo; as well as the first two parts of the move having a large amount of hits which gives plenty of time for a tag cancel to combo with your partner. The amount of hits also makes for a great safe tag option if they block the move, they will be stuck in block stun while your partner tags in.

The EX version of this move is fully invulnerable through it's startup and is only -3 on block, making it a potentially low risk reversal option as long as your opponent is not looking for it. On top of the move being a decent reversal option, if the move connects, it launches the opponent in the air allowing for a juggle combo for extra damage most character's reversals do not get without tag cancelling. The downside to this move is the very slow startup at 18 frames, paired with a lot of recovery, it can be easy to be punished by the opponent simply jumping over it rather than trying to block. Characters with a 3 frame move will also be able to punish this move on block so it pays to know the matchup and be unpredictable on when you use this move.

Super Combos

  • Patriot Sweeper - Does not travel very far forward, but has invulnerability through its startup, making it another reversal option; but will mainly be used as a combo ender.
  • Cross Art - Has a large vertical hitbox and invulnerability through startup, making it a great anti air option.

The Basics

Excerpt from the SFxT Dossier:

"While his damage output is not particularly high even though he can achieve a juggle state independently and without meter, Rolento is a very dangerous opponent thanks to his ability to control the game clock better than a large chunk of the cast. His go-to combos centering around his Patriot Circle take a long time to complete and have excellent wall carry ability, gradually whittling away at an opponent’s life until desperation begins to set in. And once that realization hits the opponent that they are running out of time to stop Rolento, that’s when he truly begins to shine. His anti-air game is exceptionally strong at keeping people out, utilizing and j.lp to cease an opponent’s attack, and his buttons on the ground are among the best in the game to confirm into yet another combo to eat more of the clock. Furthermore, he can easily set up a tag for his partner to come in and either finish off an opponent or shift the mood of the match faster than the opponent can adapt after so many seconds wasted trying to crack Rolento’s defense. If you are willing to use the clock as a weapon and play patient enough to force an opponent into desperation after long periods of standoff, give Rolento a try."

Advanced Strategy



Bread and Butters

  • cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.MK xx qcf+P>qcf+P>qcf+P, walk forward, st.MK~cr.HK
  • cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.MK xx qcf+P>qcf+P>qcf+P, cl.HK, cl.HK, cr.MK xx qcf+MP>qcf+MP>qcf+MP
  • cl.HK, cr.MK xx qcf+P>qcf+P>qcf+P, walk forward, st.MK~cr.HK
  • cl.HK, cr.MK xx qcf+P>qcf+P>qcf+P, cl.HK, cl.MK, cr.MK xx qcf+MP>qcf+MP, qcf+MP
  • cl.HK, cr.MK xx qcf+P>qcf+P>qcf+P, cl.HK, cl.HK, cr.MK xx qcf+MP>qcf+MP, qcf+M

Meter Combos

  • cl.HK, cr.MK xx qcf+P>qcf+P>qcf+LP, qcf+PPP
  • cl.HK, cr.MK xx qcf+P>qcf+P>qcf+P, cl.HK, cl.HK, cr.MK xx qcf+PPP
  • qcf+PP, (delay) j.HP, cr.LK, cr.MK xx qcf+MP>qcf+MP>qcf+MP
  • qcf+PP, walk forward, cl.MK, st.MK~cr.HK

Juggle Combos

  • cl.LP, walk forward, cl.HK, cr.MK xx qcf+MP>qcf+MP>qcf+MP
  • cl.HK, walk forward, st.LP, walk forward, cr.MK xx qcf+MP>qcf+MP>qcf+MP
  • cl.MK, cl.MK, cr.MK xx qcf+MP>qcf+MP>qcf+MP

Anti-Air / Air-to-Air

Ver.2013 Balance Changes

  • Vitality - Reduced from 1000 to 930
  • Far LP - Hit box reduced
  • Far LP - Hurt box reduced
  • Far MK - 6 frames added to Boost combo (on hit -8, on block -12) / Push back on block for boost combos reduced
  • Far HP - 6 frames added to Boost combo (on hit -15, on block -19) / Push back on block for boost combos reduced
  • Far HK - 10 frames added to Boost combo (on hit -13, on block -17) / Push back on block for boost combos reduced
  • cr. MP - 5 frames added to Boost combo (on hit -3, on block -8) / Push back on block for boost combos reduced
  • cr. MK - 5 frames added to Boost combo (on hit -9, on block -13) / Push back on block for boost combos reduced
  • cr. HP - 10 frames added to Boost combo (on hit -13, on block -17) / Push back on block for boost combos reduced
  • Jump MK - Hitbox reduced
  • Patriot Circle - First attack frames increased by 4 (on hit, -1, on block -5)
  • Stinger - Hitbox increased
  • Stinger - Push back on block reduced
  • Far standing LP: hitbox has been reduced.

Special move meter gain

  • Stinger (jump): whiff 15->5
  • Stinger (knife): whiff 15->5, on hit 40->15
  • Mekong Delta Attack (attack): whiff 15->10, on hit 40->30
  • Mekong Delta Air Raid (attack): whiff 15->10, on hit 40->30
  • Mekong Delta Escape (jump): whiff 10->5
  • Patriot Circle 1st attack: whiff 10->0, on hit 6 x 4(24)->8 x 4(32)
  • Patriot Circle 2nd attack: on hit 6 x 4(24)->5 x 4(20)
  • Patriot Circle 3rd attack: on hit 6 x 3(18)->8 x 3(24)

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